eco tree houses - the homes of the future - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-21
eco tree houses - the homes of the future  -  solar panel traffic lights
Tree houses specially planted for modern life may be ecological
Home for the future.
Scientists from the United States and Israel have developed trees that can be shaped into innovative residential structures.
Clever tree houses naturally provide shade and can also be used to dispose of waste and reduce carbon emissions.
Researchers at a branch of the University of Tel Aviv and MIT believe that the first prototype home can be ready in just a decade.
The organization behind the technology Plantware has built the bus-
Shelters, park benches and traffic lights using advanced AI technology, where plants grow without soil.
Now, they have built a model for the tree houses used in the city.
This extraordinary structure is built from actual roots that can be cut and then hardened into the same structure as a steel beam.
These houses can be equipped with solar panels and wind turbines to generate electricity, and can even turn human waste into valuable nutrients for living trees.
Different kinds of trees can be selected in different environments, for example, willow trees can be used in the UK, and huge mahogany in the United States can be used in California.
At the moment, however, tree houses are very expensive for all but a few.
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