dueling traffic lights a puzzle - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-14
dueling traffic lights a puzzle  -  solar traffic light system
Venture to the corner of L Street and Day Avenue in the south and you will find the rarest transport dinosaurs.
To find it, just look for the color of ityellow and red.
Of course, I am talking about the traffic signal at the intersection.
Press the crosswalk button and wait for a few seconds to carefully observe the red and yellow lights in the four directions lighting at the same time.
If you're younger or don't grow up here, you may not know what to think.
From when should the two lights be lit at the same time?
But if you're older than a certain age, just like Norwood's columnist, Patty starter, you'll know what it means to have yellow and red appear at the same time.
"I'm dating myself here," she said.
Recently emailed me, but "when I was young, press the walk button and all the cars with red and yellow lights on at the same time stopped.
"For people, it seems meaningful to me to often ignore the pedestrians on the crosswalk and get the red and yellow lights back.
"Long before the walking signs and symbols appeared, people knew that it was safe to cross the road when the traffic signals turned yellow and red.
The lights not only tell drivers in all directions to stop, but also prevent drivers from defending their rights in red.
Therefore, it is safe for pedestrians to walk in any direction. (
Back in the 1930 s, it was even legal to cross the intersection diagonally. )
But now, as modern lamps of modern crosswalk lights gradually replace the old ones, the yellow and red signals at the same time are almost extinct. fashioned ones.
I'm 36. I vaguely remember someone telling me.
When I went to get my driver's license in 1988, the situation was terrible.
But in my life, I never saw yellow and red at the same time before I started working on the article.
Boston Transportation officials told me that there were only 9 out of 750 cities
There are still two colors at the intersection of Boston, including the intersection of South Street and the intersection of Charles Street in Beacon Hill.
However, none of the city's traffic engineers can say when this red and yellow double pattern appeared, who invented it, or how widely it was used.
"Interestingly, I was told that the red and yellow bulbs are only widely used in New England, not in other parts of the country," department spokesman Tracey Ganiatsos wrote in an email. mail.
Out of curiosity, I called the Federal Highway Administration in Washington. C.
This book is about traffic signals and signs.
When I told the agency's spokesman about the Boston Red and yellow light, he thought I was joking.
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