doubts on power plan - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-15
doubts on power plan  -  solar energy traffic lights
A ground-
The breakthrough project to change the energy use and infrastructure of Petersburg won a national award, but it also attracted attention.
A "sponsored topic" article by The Post and The Guardian recently boasted that the Msunduzi project was the winner in the category "Greening the future: innovative climate finance.
Howden's project-
The company, which is based in Mponeng Holdings, has made some bold statements, the most striking of which may be that "the residents of Msunduzi will live in a carbon emissions environment --
Free environment ".
However, although the tender was obtained in 2012, it seems that no obvious measures have been taken to implement this new plan, the members and officials contacted by the witnesses did not know that any committee they remembered had learned about this or its work.
It seems that any of the proposals made in this project are not taken into account by those planning the energy needs of the city.
At the mayor's latest press conference, he proposed five of his
This project is not mentioned in the annual plan to help struggling infrastructure.
When we contacted him to comment, Joshua Mkhonto of Mponeng Holdings insisted that "carbon
The "free environment" can be achieved, but it was later admitted that "it may not be 100% ".
The M & G article says that when Msunduzi "is considering a re-tender"
They have evaluated their power generation and are interested in the suggestions made by Mponeng Holdings ".
Other sources related to the city, however, are equally interested as they say they have never heard of the city.
In short, the project aims to help cities by replacing old power infrastructure, building solar power plants, replacing urban lighting, and helping to bring smart meters into homes.
They will also be involved in energy waste projects and the promotion of "youth and veterans.
In response to the witness's question, Mkhonto said that while the M & G article states that the funding for the project will be "through multiple stakeholders, including municipal, state and provincial departments ", the project will be implemented to the Council free of charge.
When asked to explain this, he said, "This is an innovative financing model.
This is a project with zero capital expenditure.
We will help municipalities to apply for grants and then they will pay us when they get them.
"Some of the funds will be released to us through municipal channels.
Key infrastructure grants for interventions that have been identified.
"Our project is looking to get the money," he said . ".
Mkhonto is quoted as saying that the company will undergo a "complete restructuring"
Evaluation and transformation of urban LED Lighting ".
When the witness asked what that would mean, he said that "street lights, traffic lights and general home, residential and commercial LED remodel" was identified as part of its scope.
Mkhonto once again stressed that "no member of a residential family will pay anything --out technology.
The project is funded by the service provider.
However, a source close to the municipal authorities questioned the premise of the funds, saying he did not think it would be possible for the municipal council not to pay for some work.
He said he was concerned that residents of the city would eventually pay the money out of their pockets.
He also claimed that the financing model had never been tested before.
"This is not true," said Mkhonto . ".
"This is a combination of grants.
We have elaborated on this in a letter to the municipal manager on how we will raise the funds and wait for their response.
The project was previously submitted to the Council, but was later rejected, the source said.
Mkhonto said they have submitted their report to the previous Exco and are now negotiating with the current Security Council around the SPLA.
"We're waiting-ahead.
Ask him why he thinks the project is not included in five projects in the city.
Mkhonto said the mayor has revealed an annual plan to improve the power infrastructure and he is not sure.
"We're still waiting for Brenden [
Sivparsad, acting general manager, infrastructure services, Msunduzi]
Give us a chance. ahead.
We will provide information on their plans.
2030 internally displaced persons are planned to become an energy-efficient city.
Mkhonto, commenting on the allegations that it was an overly ambitious plan, admitted that while this was not the first time they had implemented such a project, it was the biggest thing they had done in the municipalities.
"For example, we do energy efficiency projects in the industrial sector.
This is possible if it is implemented with all stakeholders.
"In terms of how to deal with energy efficiency, Msunduzi may be the next city in Cape Town.
We're doing experiments.
According to the M & G article, the strategy of Mponeng Holding is to modernize the distribution network of Msunduzi.
Mkhonto told M & G that they will do this by using "more efficient new transformers, plus connections to" a company dedicated to smart meters.
When asked why it was necessary to do so, Mkhonto said that the power network of the Msunduzi was "on the verge of collapse ".
Of the city's 44 high-voltage transformers, 29 have passed their life, he said, claiming they have not even checked the oil for the past five years. “It’s serious.
He said they have 20 energy-saving projects to be approved by the Council.
"Some people went to Exco.
We are waiting for progress before we implement it.
He said there were some delays due to the instability of senior management positions.
Mkhonto said they have developed financial models to help the council deal with the r181million power loss reported by the auditorgeneral.
Mkhonto was also quoted in the M & G article and he said "in the end we want to re-
A comprehensive assessment of energy consumption in cities ".
The scope of the project states that the city's proposal has even been extended to "view the fuel type and usage of buses for fast transit [
Not introduced here yet]
Educate the city's residents and communities on how to enter the local 75 MW solar photovoltaic power station [Not yet completed]
By educating people to recycle and turn waste into energy, the capacity of the new workforce is enhanced ".
When asked about the details of the solar power plant in this sentence, Mkhonto said, "We are currently discussing with the tribal authorities (
A family within a municipal boundary where land can be obtained)
And pre-
Feasibility studies on plant development and all related parties are subject to secrecy ".
The plant will be funded by private investors and will be built in the city of Msunduzi, he added.
Mkhonto added that there is also waste in the energy part of the project. “. . .
We are discussing with the pickers who will be included in the project where we will separate recyclable items from non-recycled items
Recyclable items will be vaporized. A pre-
The feasibility study has been completed and we are waiting for the approval of the Council.
Mkhonto said that the tender was conducted on April 2012 and the service level agreement was signed on September 2015.
City spokesman for the city of Msunduzi, Thobeka Mafumbatha, will only say in response to the witness's series of questions about this project, "the council can confirm that we do have a service level agreement with the service provider, the agreement outlines the services that can be provided to municipalities, specifically with regard to adequate energy.
"The actual implementation of such projects is still subject to the approval and discretion of the governing body and the full council.
Mkhonto said the project was nominated for the innovative climate financing category in the "greening future 2017 Mail and Guardian Award.
"We are honored to be nominated and excited about our victory.
"Our goal is to celebrate this honor by ensuring that other cities treat energy efficiency projects in a holistic way rather than piecemeal.
"The tenderee's internal tender-exploration and implementation of the high efficiency energy program in Msunduzi, was released on 2011.
According to Mkhonto, the contract period is 36 months.
As some work has been done, 12 months have passed --the pre-
Feasibility study . . . . . . Solar power plants, he said.
The feasibility study report has not yet been submitted to the Council for approval.
They also want municipalities: to give project developers the right to put electricity into the municipal distribution network;
They want the municipalities to sell electricity to the residents.
The project developer will see that all environmental impact assessment issues are approved by the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, which will also be approved by the municipal council.
Mkhonto said that since the project contains green jobs, they have already engaged with the green energy fund.
He said 2016/17 internally displaced persons said about 30% of the city's electricity will come from renewable sources.
The service level agreement states that the project will be implemented free of charge to the Council and that service providers are expected to explore, fund, design, implement and maintain any defined interventions, he said.
"It is made clear that all of these interventions require council approval in order to be implemented or to continue to be implemented," he said . ".
According to a source, despite the ambitious announcement of the project, they are all great in terms of political correctness and buzzwords.
An example in this article is: "The key to the project is a project that allows local youth and veterans to master a variety of skills.
They will be project implementers.
Joshua Mkhonto of Mponeng Holdings said: "proficiency, in turn, can train others to be part of the ongoing maintenance of the project," adding that they "are committed to working with locals where skills are insufficient, we are committed to training them ".
"We are committed to creating jobs and empowering local communities.
Our main goal is to develop a sustainable energy management project to reduce carbon emissions and thus to sustainably protect our environment.
The green element in the Mkhonto article indicates that the development impact associated with the project will enable the community to live in a carbon emission environment
A free environment for green energy supply.
Asked if this could be achieved, he said he believed it could be achieved.
"Msunduzi Vision 2030 says its goal is to be a green city and intends to consume about 30% of the energy from green initiatives such as solar photovoltaic [1]photovoltaic]
Natural gas and municipal solid waste are converted into energy.
"A zero-carbon environment that relies entirely on renewable energy, without a carbon footprint, will not cause harm to the Earth.
"It sounds ambitious, but if [we]
Look at our energy structure in South Africa, 80% of our energy comes from coal, and the rest is natural gas, renewable energy, diesel and other energy.
Mkhonto said: "Yes, it can be achieved, but it can't be done overnight, and it requires a range of stakeholders to work together to achieve this bold but ambitious vision or initiative.
He stressed that they are "pro-residents, the project is to improve the community ".
"The project has a private investor and various financing models have been finalized pending approval by the Council.
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