delay shadow over solar street light project | bhubaneswar news - times of india - solar street light project

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-03
delay shadow over solar street light project | bhubaneswar news - times of india  -  solar street light project
BUBANESVAL: Because of BUBANESVAL Municipal Corporation, the solar street lighting project in BUBANESVAL may be further delayed. (BMC)
Tuesday said that land could not be allocated to the Orissa Renewable Energy Development Agency(Oreda)
Proposed site near the plant-
Eight boys'high schools for building solar photovoltaic(SPV)power plant.
On the contrary, BMC requires the Director of Real Estate to allocate land near the University of Agricultural Science and Technology in Orissa. (OUAT).
Solar lighting will be installed in the extension between Ott and Delta Square, where Olda sought land from BMC.
"Because BMC is a user of solar lamps, it has to provide us with land to build factories, which will help lighting," said Orea, B. K. Swain, deputy director.
He said they had found 600 square meters of land to install solar panels and batteries.
A BMC official said they had no land at the proposed site.
"We hope Orea will get land soon," the official said.
ORDA is a nodal agency for technical assistance in solar lighting, and BMC will provide the required support.
The planned expansion of the solar lamp will cost Rs. 1. 14 crore.
United Nations Department of New and Renewable Energy(MNRE)
The source said that 30% of the project cost would be provided.
In 2011, BMC was incorporated into the "Solar City" project of multinational corporations, which will turn 60 cities into solar cities in China.
"Solar street lamps are planned by BMC.
It is supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and OREA.
BMC currently spends about 5 million rupees a year on street lighting.
Solar lamps are expected to cut spending dramatically.
Earlier, civic groups had launched the environment. -
Friendly LED street lighting system in some parts of the city to reduce energy expenditure.
BMC aims to convert at least 10% of street lamps into solar lamps by 2020.
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