cuba, gitmo up next for hurricane matthew - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-11
cuba, gitmo up next for hurricane matthew  -  solar energy traffic lights
Cuba is the next island in line as Hurricane Matthew roars across the Caribbean Sea.
Weather forecasters say storms will sweep across the island's tail late Tuesday or early Wednesday.
Most of the area is rural, which means Cubans are doing their best to protect their homes, farms and businesses from Matthew's anger.
According to WPLG TV, people are using tape to seal windows, install doors, and sometimes even remove their tin roofs before storms, so that they will not be blown away by the wind.
But that corner of the island also includes Santiago, Cuba, the country's second largest city. -
The largest cities, and the United States. S.
Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.
About 700 families were evacuated from naval bases to Pensacola, Florida.
When the weekend storm comes.
This allowed about 4,800 service personnel to be prepared before the storm arrived and ready to repair any damage caused by the storm.
"Things will be damaged by the strong wind, but that's okay," said the base commander, the captain.
David Cappa said Tuesday morning on local U. S. Army radio.
"Most importantly, everyone lives well and has his own fingers and toes at the end of the activity. "U. S.
Military officials say the remaining 61 detainees in Guantanamo will also be well protected.
"They are mainly preserved in solid concrete buildings. . . (and)
There are many places where they can be sheltered in appropriate places and kept safe, "Captain Navy said.
Jeff Davis said.
Just 60 miles away in Santiago, Cuban President Fidel Castro oversees for the last time. -
The city was ready for the biggest attack since 2012, when Urica Sandy landed west of San Diego and became a Category III hurricane.
According to the National Meteorological Administration, the storm killed 11 people, prompting Castro to stay there for three days this week to ensure the safety of the city.
Castro visited hospitals, talked to local residents and met with military units in every province of Cuba, which allowed Sandy to be responsible for the hurricane.
The Cuban government said Castro also visited a solar power plant where workers dismantled 9,000 of the 10,000 solar panels being used. -
Newspapers, Grandma.
The government has been evacuating residents from the lower levels. -
The entire eastern part of Cuba lies in the area and sends them to Santiago's sanctuary.
According to Granma, nearly 400,000 people were evacuated to shelters or other houses on high ground.
"After the hurricane, we will start working immediately to recover from the damage that Matthew may have caused," Castro said.
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