crimea outages amid ukraine power crisis - solar powered traffic lights suppliers

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-24
crimea outages amid ukraine power crisis  -  solar powered traffic lights suppliers
After the unexpected suspension of supply in Ukraine, Crimea suffered a massive blackout, causing traffic jams, hospital closures and panic across the peninsula.
Railway stations, businesses and airports had to be shut down Wednesday, and traffic lights darkened, causing huge chaos in the main city of Simferopol, where several people were trapped in elevators.
Crimean Energy Minister Yegorov said Ukraine no longer provides electricity, more than 80% of the country's electricity comes from 11-year-old Ukraine. 10 a. m. local time.
Without warning, the local government did not store natural gas. -
He said the power station was working.
Volodymyr demchyshyn, Ukraine's energy minister, confirmed that Kiev had cut off its electricity supply to Crimea. He said that when Ukraine was forced to distribute its own electricity, the region's electricity consumption exceeded the contractual limits.
Power was restored about three hours later.
Demkhshlin also said Ukraine was saving more electricity after Russia stopped coal transmission, and he said he was negotiating with his Russian counterparts on imports of coal and electricity.
Prime Minister Yasenyuk said Ukraine's energy market had been in a "state of emergency" for the past three months and had to take power cuts, including in areas controlled by Russia.
"If Ukraine is not brighter than Russia's temporarily controlled territory, then Ukraine will not be brighter," he said at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.
Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March through a controversial referendum in Kiev, which the West denied.
The Peninsula has only one ferry connecting the Russian mainland.
Electricity, water and natural gas, as well as most other supplies, continue to be imported from Ukraine.
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