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county council saves €30,000 with solar panels - solar panel garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-29
county council saves €30,000 with solar panels  -  solar panel garden lights
Photovoltaic (PV)
Installed by local authorities in the largest one-
Large-scale deployment nationwide saves the Council 30,000 euros a year.
The solar panels were installed by the Tipperary County Council at fire stations, libraries, municipal offices and Nenagh Leisure Center, which increased the total photovoltaic capacity of Ireland by 44%.
These panels directly convert sunlight into electricity and have a life of 25 years.
Solar panels are different because they use the sun to heat water.
New data show that 800 panels installed in nine parliamentary buildings cost 330,000 euros, generating 10% more electricity than expected, and will pay for themselves in six years.
Joe Macgrath, chief executive of Tipperary, said: "The board is very satisfied with the results only a year later. "
"We will recommend to others that they actively consider photovoltaics as part of their cost, efficiency and sustainability goals.
Paul Kenny of the Tipperary Energy Agency said the Commission was a "catalyst for change" and other agencies were following suit.
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