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converting old tea light lanterns into romantic solar garden lights - high quality solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-25
converting old tea light lanterns into romantic solar garden lights  -  high quality solar garden lights
I've been looking for some highlights in my backyard for a long time, but I've never been satisfied with the availability on the market.
What I found was either cheap buildings or higher prices than I would like to spend.
Even some of the more aesthetic designs are made of inexpensive plastics that do not age when exposed to the environment.
In most cases, the light produced is pure white or some other unnatural color.
The only way I decided to be happy was to customize the lamp myself, and along the way I found it not as difficult as I thought it would be. You can up-
Use cheap off-the-shelf materials and recycle old tea lamps to create solar garden lamps to provide a high-quality atmosphere for your outdoor living areas.
It costs about $15 to buy a similar new project, but eventually I spent half of the construction cost.
For circuits, I started at Westinghouse 472218. -
088 Concorde Solar Lamps, Black(
Amazon spent about $2 in 2015. 50 a piece).
I spent $0 on seven tea lamps in a garage. 25 each.
I bought an LED tea lamp at a crafts store for less than $0. 50 a piece.
Since the batteries attached to street lamps are only 600-700 mA, they can only last for a few hours at full charge, so I bought better batteries at a battery store for $3 each.
You will need to modify your lantern to accept the electronic equipment you will install.
In this step, I've explained what I've done to demonstrate some simple changes you might need to make.
For the tea lamp I bought, I needed to create a platform to install solar panels.
I used two nylon anchor nuts to install license plates on cars.
I cut the anchor nuts in half and glued them to the inside corner of the top of the tea lamp with hot glue.
I also bent the handle of the lantern to make room for solar cells.
Finally, I drilled two holes in the base so that the wires could go through.
A hole was drilled in the corner to hold the wires between the solar cell and the circuit.
Another hole is drilled in the center of the wire between the circuit and the LED candle.
Glue the solar panels to the top of the lantern, and then glue the wires to the corner of the lantern.
Hot glue can be used for wires, because you only need a little adhesion to fix the wires in place, but I recommend using epoxy glue to install solar panels on the lamp.
Install new-
Recycle solar garden lights in your yard and enjoy your hard work.
With better batteries, my batteries can last at least a few hours, and some can even be used for the next morning when the sun rises.
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