'comically confusing': traffic lights confound drivers at westmount intersection - solar traffic lights manufacturers

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-23
\'comically confusing\': traffic lights confound drivers at westmount intersection  -  solar traffic lights manufacturers
Katrina Springer saw from her shop in the mall that at the intersection of 102nd Avenue and 125th Street, a lot of people made close calls.
"A lot of loudspeakers are ringing, and people turn away from the double red lights and go back to another lane.
Crazy traffic jams, "she said Wednesday.
There is a very bright signal system in the East Lane of Xishan intersection. Two sets of separate traffic lights are used in the right lane and the left lane respectively.
The right lane is usually green and the left lane is usually red until the turn arrow is activated.
The intersection is the only one in Edmonton.
For Springer, this set-
It doesn't make sense to get up.
"To be honest, it's quite useless.
It's just blocking a major road.
"It's no good," she said.
Initially, people on the eastern border of the intersection were forbidden to turn left at 125th Street.
This changed in May 2018 as the city installed bicycle lanes at intersections and single lanes. -
Lane light system has been installed.
In a statement on CBC News, Derek logan, a city spokesman, said the lighting system was designed to "resolve potential conflicts between cyclists using protected bicycle lanes in the north".
"The purpose of this intersection. . . In order to meet the travel needs of different road users without compromising safety.
"The speed limit for pedestrian crossings on Edmonton Street was very slow. Two teenagers were hit by a bus after receiving public inquiries about the change of the signal lights. Although it was observed that "many drivers in the left lane would cross the intersection, traffic safety personnel assessed the intersection, but did not find enough reason to change it. Ah, the red light is on, especially during the morning rush hour.
Logan said, "We have completed several direct observations of intersections, and. . . Current traffic operations do not show any major safety problems. He added that "most" drivers abide by the rule of not turning left.
Interestingly, Ryan Ramsay and Billy Smell work in the mall and often walk across the intersection.
"I think it's funny," Smell said.
"The driver doesn't know what to do.
Pedestrians often don't know what to do.
You never know if someone will run a red light because there is a green light next to it.
"There's a separate lane at the intersection and a two-lane eastbound traffic light, but Ramsey says it's no use.
Ramsay said: "You often see drivers very frustrated because. . . There seems to be no reason why they can't move forward, so you will find that they eventually turn to the right lane or just run through the red light.
"You really could have collided there.
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