coimbatore village installs 120 solar street lights - solar street lights for home

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-02
coimbatore village installs 120 solar street lights  -  solar street lights for home
In a major initiative aimed at alleviating the financial burden of local institutions and promoting renewable energy, a Panchayat in Copenhagen installed 120 solar-powered street lamps.
This initiative has brought immediate benefits.
Because Kurudamparayam Panchayat's monthly electricity bill is Rs.
The $40 million has fallen by 40%. Tha.
Murugan, project director of the Regional Rural Development Agency, told Hindus here Thursday that it was the first local institution in the region to adopt solar energy to such a large extent.
The state government contributed half of the total cost of the project. 1.
8. 6 billion rupees, the rest of which are raised by local people.
"We will now encourage other institutions to follow suit.
He added: "Kurudamparayam Panchayat can be a model respected by others. "D.
President Banchayat Ravi said there were eight tall men in all. -power 72-
The tiles are installed at Panchayat's main intersection and the rest at Mettupalayam Road.
They are mounted on central isolation belts to illuminate both sides of the road.
These lamps have modern LED cooling bulbs, which emit less heat and require less electricity.
Battery back-
Even if there is insufficient sunshine, UPS lasts for three days, 12 hours at a time.
Kurudamparayam Panchayat has 15 wards and 13,000 families, with a permanent population of 30,143 and a floating population of about 15,000.
Given the success of the pilot project, local agencies plan to convert all of its 2,500 street lamps into solar energy.
In the first phase, it will install 50 solar lamps and 30 solar lamps. -
Install a light bulb in public places such as intersections and cemeteries.
Several lights will also be installed in areas near forests where elephants are active.
Mr. Panchayat said: "After the completion of this project, Panchayat's e-commerce bill will definitely fall by 80%. Ravi.
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