cmch to install 45 solar-powered lights - solar powered flood lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-10
cmch to install 45 solar-powered lights  -  solar powered flood lights
The Hospital of the Medical College of Coimbatore is moving towards renewable energy.
It will install up to 45 solar energy. -
Street lamps used in their business premises. R.
Doleswamy, Coimbatore(South)
MLA, under the leadership of its constituency, has begun to bear the cost of the entire project.
His MLA Local Development Fund provides 20 million.
Hospital sources told Hindus Wednesday that the first solar street lamp was a pilot project installed near the Obstetrics and Neonatal Comprehensive Emergency Center. (CEmONC)
Centers for emergency obstetric and neonatal care.
The cost of each solar lamp is about Rs. 43,000.
They will be equipped with LED lights.
This is the first time CMCH has installed solar street lamps.
So far, it only uses solar energy to heat water.
The lamp will be on-
Separate system, each unit has a separate power supply.
They can be used in circles. -the-clock.
The installation of street lamps may begin in September and will be completed within a month. -end.
The hospital also sought financial support from MLA to purchase two advanced generators with a capacity of 250 kVA.
The total cost is about Rs.
If the power is cut off, the generators will start automatically.
According to sources, at present, the hospital encounters darkness in the time required for the generator to start up after the power supply interruption.
The hospital also purchased 565 steel beds, 190 perforated chairs, 50 wheelchairs, 89 desks, 70 steel bookshelves and 30 cabinets, as well as 49 stretchers and MLA funding.
CMCH is the third referral hospital in the region. It treats patients from several areas in the west, even from the border areas of Karala State. Apart from 1200 patients a year, there are about 7000 outpatients a day. -patients.
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