climate action: nationals a puppet for miners, not farmers - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-18
climate action: nationals a puppet for miners, not farmers  -  solar energy traffic lights
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Of course, is it time for the Nationals to pick up the shovel and re-mark themselves as the Australian mining party?
These days, it seems that all the Nationals support the coal and coal bed methane industries, which are the most harmful to agriculture and regional communities.
They certainly cannot be accused of representing the best interests of farmers in the interests of mining, nor of being a conspiracy to undermine our regional waterways and communities that rely on them.
I am confused as to why anyone in rural or regional Australia will continue to vote for them.
Simon Jaman of Simon cotei read about a parent (Letters, 12/3)
Will pass 9-year-old child.
These demonstrations are organized by professionals who are mentally luring these children who should go to school.
Most children will have classrooms with air conditioners and families who use computers and watch TV, and they will have mobile phones and play on electronic devices.
Most of them will be driven to school and there will be artificial food for lunch.
Where is the logic?
Let them enjoy their childhood at this age.
Jill Robinson of MalvernBy is ridiculously suggesting that if Labor legislation sets a 45 reduction target or moves in any way towards more renewable energy, voters can "forget the food of the Night" and Michael McCormack prove the absolute ignorance of basic science and also show the will to treat the public as a complete fool. Astounding.
Geoff McNamara, Newry Tony Abbott believes that our contribution to carbon emissions has little to do with global warming.
Our country is suffering from the severe effects of climate change.
Shouldn't we encourage big emitters like India to give up coal?
What better way to lead by example?
Simon Costello, Melbourne, my question to all those involved in the climate presentation is simple: Do you have an iPhone?
If so, would you like to publicly attack it for this reason?
The reason is that the phone is likely to be assembled by Foxconn in China, which is currently building hundreds of new coal.
A power plant with five times the capacity of Australia's entire electricity market (
259 gigawatts compared to 50GW).
China also accounts for global coal production.
Production of thermal power.
If the answer to the above two hypothetical questions is yes (
I suspect that on the one hand we can count on the number of protesters willing to dispose of personal equipment)
So this whole empty virtue
Signal drills dressed up as social justice should be exposed to educational fraud.
Peter Waterhouse at craieburni, a long-time happy solar consumer, was happy when I installed solar panels at home years ago and watched the meter go backwards.
As Australia burns, Morrison's government is not only fiddling with it, but now banabi Joyce is throwing more coal on the fire.
Anne Paul, mcloughd, Erin BojieLetters, 13/3).
Let the honorable gentleman and the stupid old Shawen dinosaur stay in their privileged sanctuary.
May they, along with their cigars and the rich chums, enjoy many long laughs and chants in the closed paradise of surrealism.
They are old-fashioned, stupid, old-fashioned geeks who did not have a place in a wider society in 2019.
Value of Meghan Reina, Port of boat, TasExempt family home (Letters, 9/3)?
Yes, but it's only worth $1 million.
This applies not only to inheritance tax, but also to all other forms of liability (
For example, the right to receive old-age pensions).
Miranda Jones, Drummond, despite fear of seeing the terrible results of the education system, did not put traditional learning above social problems, I don't necessarily object to young people protesting what they think is the biggest moral challenge of our time.
However, can't they do it on Saturday?
In this way, they and their teachers can unite and give up their time to satisfy their conscience.
In order to save power generation, they can also use mobile phones and computers on weekends.
David Adams, this article (
Melbourne traffic jam map, 12/3)
In the great work of the VicRoads emergency response team and police dealing with the chaos caused by the recent closure of the Monash Highway on Blackburn Road during morning rush hours, there is a fascinating insight into the way teams handle such situations.
This is a good lesson for impatient and picky drivers.
We can be sure that those who are committed to solving the problem are doing their best to make the travel public move safely and smoothly.
Rob Evans, the Glen IrisOur highway network is designed at a speed of 100 km/h, but in the event of an accident that hinders traffic flow, the rush hour speed is now as low as 45 km/h, low
Why are politicians making a mess of us?
The support of the federal government of Jeff gaowos in the west of St Kilda for the Royal Finance Commission's proposal to end mortgage brokers tracking commissions is weak and does not serve the public interest.
The royal commissioner of the bank says the Fairfield commission is free.
However, the alliance calls them an important business model for mortgage brokers.
Perhaps ACTU should re-mark their need for living wages as an important business model for workers.
With the reduction in penalty rates and the coming tax cuts for small businesses, it is irritating to see cafes impose a surcharge on Labor Day, a public holiday designed to celebrate workers' gains.
In the past, cafes used to manage these fees in a week.
The surcharge continues the recent rebound trend that has damaged workers, in which case it is suggested that employees are the cause of the surcharge and that disgruntled customers should blame them.
Not to mention the opportunity it provides for profiteering.
Paul Spinks of AlmaWhile, while some advocate increasing coal mining businesses in Australia, the calm head warned that it would have longer-term consequences. (Comment 14/3).
Andrew Remington of the National Federation of farmers said the labor shortage was a "labor crisis" and minister David Coleman said "the real labor shortage ".
TIME recently published an Australian article about his personal experience in the fruit and vegetable picking industry (Comment, 4/3).
He's talking about slaves.
Just as the wages of the workers are far below the reward wages, if they complain, they will be threatened with expulsion.
If this is typical of the whole agricultural industry, then it is not surprising that there is a shortage of labor.
If farmers or any other employer treat their employees fairly and pay the right salary, then they will not be short of labor and there is no need to introduce overseas workers who are vulnerable to exploitation.
Barry Leeds more I very much hope that those who manage the Royal Council are concerned about the main issue of services for the elderly and disability, that is, people are not getting the services they need, but not the services they don't need.
Many people need help with heavy chores and gardening, but they are told that only the light is available.
In many cases, it is service providers rather than customers who decide what they will have.
If the service provider is concerned that the premium will rise, or they will have to pay a higher salary for the harder duties, then that's it.
Indeed, some people have access to self-care in elderly care.
But they are very complex and require a lot of business knowledge to manage them.
It seems that there is also a problem with the NDIS that the people in need are rejected, and there are people who have already got what they need to be awarded the package.
I do not agree with the Pell case that no one is above the law.
Groups claiming to be religious, many of which are suspicious due to low standards, are exempt from the application of laws, taxes and general financial records on discrimination, allow them to operate secretly under the guise of religious freedom with minimal transparency and supervision.
Although I am an agnostic, I can understand that the conviction of George Pell leads to emotional anxiety among Catholic believers.
Simple messages of love, kindness and compassion contained in early Christian teachings were adopted by dogmatic institutions whose main mission was to accumulate wealth, power and political influence.
My aunt is a firm atheist and shows love, kindness and compassion to all the people she meets.
Recent scientific advances have shown that "coded information" is a key driver of the origin of life and the evolution of thinking, and DNA is an important facilitator.
I find this proposition disappointing because it does not ask the obvious question, where did the information come from?
Tony pristrley, Fitzroy is a strange world.
At Albert Park, the audience is praying for a clear sky for a car race, while in jeppsland, the Victorian people are praying for the rain so that they can keep their livestock alive,
Victorian auditors
It is generally reported that after calculating the tickets for the last Grand Prix, pay the last hotel and motel bill and the last T-
Shirts and hats for sale, last meal, taxi, cocktail, haircut, beer, massage, petrol, in Grand Prix week, lost planes and train tickets and money at Crown Casino's gambling table have been counted, and Victorian taxpayers still need an extra $60 million to cover the losses suffered by the incident. Go figure.
As a Victorian taxpayer, I would prefer a portion of my $60 million to be donated to the farmers of jeppsland.
Or, if the rain needed comes, I don't even mind my taxes helping those who are waiting painfully on the hip or knee replacement list.
Maybe it's time to stop and think about it, and then we decided to throw out another $60 million next year.
I have a premonition of what the jeppsland farmers will say.
Albert Park was closed for a week, and for a foreigner, the more than melburian was closed
Have millions
Millions of dollars of public subsidies are needed each year to keep sporting events viable.
At the same time, the impact on local sports is also huge.
Thousands of participants will be refused to take part in their small track and field, fitness run, football, basketball, squash, table tennis, tennis, swimming and hockey.
Many sports venues will also be unavailable for a few months, and some areas of the park will not be restored at all.
Maybe we should take "Healthy Parks, healthy people" more seriously and use our parks for what they were when they were created.
Greg Byrne, mail from melbourneregaring Port on wages and conditions, when I started my first job at Old Fairfield Infectious Disease Hospital on 1967, I worked 9to-
Free parking, breakfast and breakfast for two.
Free Cake for hot lunch and afternoon tea.
When I finished at the second place of work, the parking was deducted from the salary, most of the staff skipped the morning and afternoon tea, there was just enough time for lunch to eat, and no overtime pay was paid.
I think I can remember the good times of the past with deep feeling.
James Cassidy, Waverley Hill, Donald Trump ordered the suspension of the Boeing 737 MAX due to security considerations, but it was ironic that there was no same enthusiasm in gun control.
Another article (
"Subway tunnel can be shared by Airport Railway", age, 14/3 years old)
There is still no clarification about the airport railway.
Is the new line maglev or normal high-speed rail?
Tim Freer, torquayis, isn't it tragic that school children are smart and caring about the climate when the government is gone?
Barbara Fraser, Burwood beware of the anger of the marchers.
Lee Kennedy box HillThe silent Catholic Church is deafening.
Jenny Bone of Surrey HillsPeter Westmore defends George Pell (
"The words of the judge ring, but the church remains silent", 14/3)
"It's not George Pell I know ". They never are.
Mcalette George Pell John Kane stayed safely in prison as an anchor.
Solitary confinement for prayer and contemplation.
Caroline Reynolds, the cell of Lake Boga Pell is decorated with Cardinal and vanilla?
Jeffrey Kelson, please speak out to the Pope.
We can't hear you.
Graham card, a libertarian at de lomata, does not want a royal bank commission.
Now they ignore some of its suggestions.
Alan Williams, another "dog Britain out of the EU" in Port Melbourne ".
We think we're in trouble.
Brighton eastscott Morrison's Mira Fisher has to wake up every morning to find out what terrorist activities are going on that day.
Gary Meller and Bentley Victorian libertarian voters will take the time to forgive the abandonment of Malcolm Turnbull by three "friends.
When will the federal Liberal party learn?
Barry swanden, Mornington, can we look forward to progress in Australia?
Will you fight soon?
Joan selgrave, Hillsville, life is more important than football.
Football is more important than football.
Robert Miller *, registered editor of Normanville, exclusive weekly newsletter by Alex Ravel at: www. theage. com. au/editornote.
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