civic body to install solar traffic signals | indore news - times of india - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-12
civic body to install solar traffic signals | indore news - times of india  -  solar traffic light system
Indore: as an official of the Indore Municipal Company, the nine intersections in the city will soon be refreshed (IMC)
Decided to install the solar traffic signal system.
The move came after IMC and the police department clashed over paying regular traffic signals and electricity bills.
In the first phase of the project, civic groups plan to install solar traffic signals in nine squares, including the Patrakar colony, the Gopur square, the Chanakyapuri square, the white church, Mr. Kalani pipriyahan Square
And Footi Goti.
"Initially, IMC will be in white church, Footi Kothi and MR-
IMC's Road and Transport Wing in-said: "trial run
Responsible for Dillip Sharma
They have completed the measurement of these three squares, he said.
"The project will be implemented in stages --
He added.
According to the project, traditional traffic lights will be removed and new systems will be installed at selected intersections.
These signals will be mutual.
Connect with the wireless system so that they are synchronized with each other to regulate traffic smoothly.
Will be used in signal lights.
It lasts for many years, and it saves energy and produces a lot of light.
Citizen Group officials said they were coordinating with the traffic police department to bring them to the city.
They say the solar panel signal is already 12-
A long bus line (BRTS)
Corridors in the city, hoping that the lights will start working before the end of this year.
"It will cost about RS 2 for this project," they said . " Civic groups also finalized a private agency to carry out the work, it added.
"The project will help to save energy and ensure smooth driving of vehicles as solar energy will be used for traffic lights," they added . ".
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