china\'s \'solar city,\' baoding, rushes to catch clean ... - solar energy traffic lights

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china\\\'s \\\'solar city,\\\' baoding, rushes to catch clean ...  -  solar energy traffic lights
BAODING, China (AP)--
Solar panels stand out in street lights in China
Clean energy city.
Small Wind Turbines rotate on public buildings.
The school will teach students "Green Life ".
"To make a profit from the demand for clean energy, the city in southwest Beijing is promoting its position as a solar manufacturing center by transforming it into a life showcase for environmental technology, wind energy and other equipment.
"Baoding is taking the road of ecological civilization," Zhou Xingshi, a vice mayor, told a group of visiting reporters.
Baoding shows the Chinese government's strength to profit from rising global demand for clean energy.
Communist leaders are promoting solar, wind and hydropower to curb surging demand for imported oil and gas and see technology exports as a path to clean growth and higher growthpaid jobs.
Chinese utilities have been asked to install wind turbines, and Beijing has promised to pay part of the cost of solar equipment-a strategy that is driving rapid growth in Baoding and other supply centers. (
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Last year, China led the world by $54 in clean energy investment.
According to a March report from the Pew Charity Trust, 4 billion, up 39% from 2009.
Global investment grew 30% to $243 billion.
Baoding, 90 miles (150 kilometers)
From the Chinese capital on the table --
Flat farmland in Hebei province, after the success of Yingli Green Energy Company, began to use itself as a renewable energy center in 2002.
A local startup, founded in 1987, grew into a major supplier of solar panels.
In 2006, Baoding city officially became a "clean energy city ".
Now, Baoding has two government research laboratories and 170 companies that produce clean power equipment.
Including AVIC Huiteng Wind Power Equipment Co. , Ltd.
One of the largest manufacturers of wind turbine blades.
Other areas of Baoding's development include battery and power transmission.
Baoding clean energy company has 45 billion yuan ($7 billion)
According to the city government, last year's income.
The company said local industry should grow by 30% a year by 2016.
Local authorities work closely with companies to organize job fairs, provide training and help recruit staff through local schools.
Baoding's "capital resources" have also attracted the company, said Lian Shujun, deputy director of Baoding's national high-tech center.
High-Tech Industrial Development Zone.
Lian did not give details, but Chinese companies could get government support, including tax cuts and low tax rates.
Interest loans for free rental in commercial parks.
Such support has sparked complaints from Beijing's trading partners that the government's improper subsidies to Chinese companies have hindered market access. The U. S.
The Chinese government said this month that Beijing agreed to cancel what U. S. Officials said was a subsidy policy for wind turbine manufacturers.
China is already the world's largest producer of solar and wind energy equipment.
Yingli and other Chinese solar suppliers have long been competing in the global market because their equipment is too expensive for the country.
China's wind power equipment makers are only beginning to expand overseas, but some of them are already among the world's largest because of their huge domestic market.
The Chinese government says at least 15% of China's electricity will come from renewable sources by 2020.
To boost technology, the Chinese government has invested heavily in grants and other aid.
"The Chinese government is very supportive of the green market," said Miao Liansheng, founder and chairman of Yingli . ".
High in a sign
Endorsement of the level, Yingli received 36 billion yuan ($5. 5 billion)
Credit lines from the country last year
National Development Bank of China
Miao rejected what he called "Yingli", a private company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and Yingli succeeded because of government support.
"I'm an entrepreneur, not a country --
So the government won't help me, "he said at a news conference.
"We are competing for innovation and cost structures.
"Lee Zongwei, Yingli's chief financial officer, said it had not received any money from the China Development Bank and had to submit a personal project to get a loan.
Li said the projects were carried out in accordance with the "commercial terms.
Other companies in Baoding say business is booming.
Wind turbine plants owned by China National Electric Corporation.
Wang Hongbin, deputy general manager of the plant, said one of China's largest generators is expected to sell 1,100 units this year, almost double the 600 units.
Wang said that the output of his factory is 1. 5-
Megawatt-class turbines are sold in China, but Guodian also announced plans to expand to the United States by providing equipment for a power project in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Wang, standing next to row 130, said: "Production will definitely increase --"foot-long (40-meter-long)
Turbine blades in the wooden cradle outside the factory, waiting for the power company to deliver.
Other efforts by the municipal government to promote clean energy include the installation of 110 solar energy-
Electric traffic lights, according to Industrial Zone official Lian.
Solar energy is needed for new buildings.
Electric water heater.
In 2008, the Baoding municipal government and the WWF jointly carried out a work to share urban planning and technical information and develop environmental education plans.
"Starting with primary school students, all citizens in Baoding will be educated on 'green life'," he said . ".
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