cheap solar garden light hack - high quality solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-25
cheap solar garden light hack  -  high quality solar garden lights
I bought some of these small solar garden lamps from Wal-Mart for 97 cents.
I know from past experience that if you can get these functions for more than a month, you're lucky.
The light output is very weak, and the rechargeable batteries they put in these batteries are the cheapest they can find.
They believe that if they only charge 97 cents, it's much easier to buy more substitutes than to complain.
What you need for this is that I decided to take the third route and make them more functional by replacing two components that make them so cheap, rather than buying more replacements or complaining.
I replaced the sad white LED with a brighter one. (and yellow)
I replaced cheap batteries with better quality rechargeable nickel-
So they will last longer.
Transparent plastic lenses are easily separated from the main black case by twisting them apart.
When the two screws are removed, the shell will be divided into two parts.
In it you will find cheap batteries, in this case 2/3 AA.
The link above is where I found rechargeable nickel. -
Four in a bag, about $11.
The circuit board is(or should be)
Fix it with a little silicone glue.
The circuit board should be easily removed by prying it loose with a screwdriver.
Remove excess adhesives.
Take off your little soldering iron and some braided wicks from the old light-emitting diodes.
You can live without a wick, but using a wick to remove excess solder makes it much easier.
There are small sets on the lead of some lamps.
Don't lose it.
They can not only prevent short circuit, but also make a good instrument to control the distance of LED lead into the circuit board.
Insert a new LED after the old one goes out(
And the casing on each wire)
Ensure that longer wires are inserted into the positive pole(+)side.
If the polarity/lead is reversed, it will not work.
Weld the lead in place and cut the extra lead from the welding side of the board. Then bend the LED 90 degrees to fit the housing and match the lead you replace.
Slide the circuit board back to its original position so that the top of the LED enters the central hole, and then drop a drop of glue or silica gel on the board next to the shell to fix it in place.
Put the two shells together and replace two screws.
This is the first time that I have received guidance. I hope you find it useful.
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