cars of the future may be grown, not built - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-18
cars of the future may be grown, not built  -  solar energy traffic lights
Some of the world's most famous manufacturers have designed futuristic designs for "growing" rather than cars made and driven by compressed air.
Companies such as Honda, Mercedes and luxury car maker Maybach are vying for this year's "green" award.
Top manufacturers are invited to launch "comfortable, stylish and safe" vehicles that do not weigh too much
Lighter than mini subway
Use renewable fuel.
Honda has submitted the air, which it says is inspired by roller coasters and parachuting suits that operate in compressed air with a weight of only 800lbs.
Other entries include computer models from seeds to the future that connect the city's transportation infrastructure to avoid traffic jams.
Design includes Mercedes-Benz-
The designer said Mercedes-Benz bio-community will be made of organic materials in the laboratory to absorb solar energy like plants.
Nissan iV from fast-
Ivy and spider web-based substances.
Thanks to powerful but simple compression features, Volvo's air power uses thousands of parts less than traditional carsair motors.
Other manufacturers participating include GM, Honda, Mazda and Toyota.
The seventh year of the first place was awarded in November 18.
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