carl mortished: finding a clean option that won’t rock the pension funds - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-17
carl mortished: finding a clean option that won’t rock the pension funds  -  solar energy traffic lights
You know, when the investment community is rowing the same canoe as a group of protesters who disrupt traffic and stop people from going to work.
The climate change instigators have gone extinct in hopes that Britain will remain carbon neutral for six years.
Sadly, when they were dancing at the Oxford Circus, they didn't explain how to do it.
But the fund manageralmost)
In the same camp.
Most want the oil giant to turn to a business strategy to implement the Paris agreement, which keeps the global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius.
However, in contact with the board of directors of oil companies, few fund managers have a consistent strategy.
Most people don't even have climate strategies for their own money.
This was derived from a survey by the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association and the climate change partnership of fund managers responsible for about $10 trillion in funds.
The investment community has been struggling with the idea that some of the largest and most profitable companies are engaged in a business that could go extinct in 50 years.
The concern is that oil and gas reserves could become "stranded assets "--
Commodities owned by oil companies, due to climate risks, are worth zero and cannot be mined and processed.
On 2015, Bank of England governor Mark Carney warned that investors could face huge losses from investing in fossil fuels.
The answer from the survey is confusing and telling.
Fund managers are facing greenhouse gas problems: 86% of fund managers said oil companies should be consistent with the Paris agreement,
Thirds said the international oil company should adjust and reinvest capital in a manner consistent with the Paris agreement.
But it is one thing to tell the oil giant to save the earth;
Keeping your own business in line with the political age, giving up regular dividends from Shell, BP, or ExxonMobile, which is worth billions of dollars, is another matter, increasing every year.
Only 21% of fund managers have developed investment strategies aimed at achieving the objectives of the Paris agreement, and they rarely work to develop strategies that inspire "green" behaviour.
If an oil company fails to meet the goal of the Paris agreement, less than half plan to take action.
European oil giants spend billions of dollars on renewable energy
Total has invested heavily in batteries and BP is re-investing in wind turbines, which have been burned out in the past due to solar bankruptcy.
Shell will double its annual investment in green energy to $4 billion (£3. 1 billion)
First Utility, a UK power distributor, invests in solar technology and promises consumers that all its power is generated from renewable sources.
These efforts are all about dipping your toes in the pond.
Shell invests $25 billion a year.
Green energy is a small part of the capital budget because big oil companies can't make mistakes.
Too many pensioners rely on these companies to earn income, too much work and too much taxes are threatened.
For the government, the leap to a renewable future in the dark is a job.
It is about state command and control.
This is not a commercial game for BP or Shell.
If you think it's cowardly, consider being brave.
Tesla electric vehicle-
Manufacturers, who suffered huge losses in the first quarter of this year, said they needed to raise $2.
4 billion to keep it displayed on the road.
One problem with the business that Elon Musk created is that, despite its vaunted innovation, Tesla has nothing new.
This is a plastic and metal compartment with wheels, motors and batteries, which is too expensive to be considered a mass transit solution.
To get shell or Exxon excited enough to bet on the farm, the solution must be viable --
Market infrastructure
Wind energy is part of the UK solution, where a strong sea breeze can increase its power generation to 20% to 25%.
Wind and combined cycle gas turbines almost eliminated coal
But the biggest problem is heating our house.
We need a lot of power storage capacity to remove natural gas from the equation; efficient, low-
There is no cost technology yet.
Investors want pain
Like protesters chanting slogans on the streets, it's a free solution.
No, just a series of options that involve risks, huge expenses, and long-term guarantees
The regular rewards on which your pension depends.
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