call to develop all-weather traffic lights - solar led traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-24
call to develop all-weather traffic lights  -  solar led traffic lights
Joint Police Chief(Traffic)S. N.
Sunday Srivastava called for zero IAAF development-Full maintenance-
Traffic lights are set up to end traffic jams in the capital.
Speaking at the "Road Safety" Seminar organized by IIT alumni of Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi).
Shrivastava, an alumnus of Iit Kharagpur, said about 70 traffic lights flashed in the city every day.
The situation deteriorated during rainstorms and sandstorms. Non-
He adds that functional traffic signals can lead to chaotic scenes, traffic jams and accidents.
"Development for All-Low weather-
Maintenance of traffic lights, which can be automatically lit according to the environment, will help to check traffic traps in the capital to a large extent.
It is the traffic lights that give the traffic police power on the road. Shrivastava. Mr.
Before the Commonwealth Games, a new advanced system was being introduced in the city, which would help to control and monitor vehicle movements to a large extent, Schivatawa said.
"Despite some problems, a lot of good things are happening and things will get better soon," he said.
He pointed out that Delhi had about 725 traffic lights and 435 flash lights.
Shiriwatawa says traffic lights often flicker due to blackouts, flooding and construction projects.
In order to install new signals and signals, new tenders have surfaced.
Some of the requirements in the tender are to install light-emitting diodes on the signal lamp or flash lamp to convert the existing LEDs. -
"Converting traffic lights into solar lights, installing auditory lights and automatic signal monitoring systems," he added. Mr.
Schivatawa said that in view of next year's Commonwealth Games, police have begun to identify traffic bottlenecks where equipment can be installed.
Delhi is notorious for its traffic bottlenecks, as more than 58 million vehicles have been traveling on congested urban roads.
In addition, more than 100,000 cars from neighbouring countries enter the city every day.
With at least 1,000 new cars registered every day, traffic police are trying to find a solution.
On this occasion, I am from the Aluminum Association. P. S.
Suri stressed the need for public participation, as well as strict penalties and regulations for controlling traffic in the capital.
IITS will be developed-
He said that in addition to finding solutions to the traffic problems in the capital, there are meteorological lights.
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