building dreams - hanging solar garden lights

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building dreams  -  hanging solar garden lights
This year, architects seem to be paying attention to material conservation, green design and ingenious redesign. -
Now use the old structure.
Architectural awards are good indicators reflecting the times, trends and talents of a country's urban landscape formation.
Boon Che Wee, Chairman of the National Professional Building Agency of Akitek Pertubuhan, Malaysia(PAM)
In recent years, Malaysian architects and awards for Malaysian architecture have been increasing. . .
Stimulate and arouse the imagination of new audiences who were not familiar with the state of the country's progressive architecture.
If you don't know how advanced Malaysian architecture is, please enjoy this year's PAM Award, which boasts cool modern architecture, sustainable green elements and cutting-edge interior design.
These awards have been going on since 1970, and 269 submitted awards in 16 categories have been received this year, which is unprecedented.
Seventy people were selected and 38 won the prize.
Category> Single Residence;
> Multi-family residence(low-rise);
> Multi-family residence(high-rise);
> Public and institutional;> Education;> Industrial;
> Change and increase;> Conservation;
> Adaptive reuse;> Overseas;
> Interior design;> Commercial;> Showrooms;
> Sports and entertainment;
> Planning and Master Planning(
The entries of the award ceremony have not been cancelled. ;
> Special Categories(
Items that do not fall into the above categories).
Pam also awarded a golden medal to an architect whose career "made a huge difference in architecture through a body of work".
This year, PAM's gold medalist was celebrated and architect Dr. Datuk Kenneth Yeon was praised.
Jurylin Fah-sing, Sathirut Nui Tandanand(
Sub-region B of Asia-
Dr. Chalay Kunawong(ASA vice-
Chairman of Final Award)
Professor Huang Yunzhi(
National University of Singapore)
Professor Datu, Dr. Ahmed Zainnudin(
Chairman of Malaysian Design Committee)
And Boon Che Wee.
Single Residential Gold: House in Damasra, KL-RT+Q Architect Private Limited Client: Leong Yew Kanjury's Comment: A Very Clean Architectural Style and Form with Dramatic Spatial and Visual Links to Existing Houses.
This paper briefly introduces the establishment of an auxiliary facility in the existing tropical areas. -
Style house and create another set of the same space to extend use, where the owner and his wife can entertain and operate separately.
In addition, to create a larger kitchen, a larger master bedroom suite to maximize garden space and add another swimming pool.
The new house is as simple as possible, has as much space as possible, and is different from the original house by using abstract tropical style.
Silver: S11 House - Archicenter Sdn Bhd Customer: Dr. Tan Loke Mun & Chew May-
Annjury's comment: The combination of simplicity and eclecticism creates a warm, friendly, comfortable and sustainable house.
A family bungalow, designed in petal Jaya and considered for sustainability to adapt to the site and climate.
Five existing trees on the site were retained, forming part of the overall concept of the house.
This should be Malaysia's first GBI(
Green Building Index)
White gold tropical residential buildings with green features and innovations include glass pyramid wind turbines, solar photovoltaic panels, water circulation, rainwater collection and low VOC use. (
Volatile Organic Compounds Harmful to Health)
And recycling materials.
Recommendation: Bukit Tunku bungalow in Kuala Lumpur-
Li Jianhao Client: Po Magenta Jury's Comment: Good mixing of materials, the use of natural light to enhance attractiveness, a feast of visual and spatial experience. This two-
According to the customer's profile, the flat across the slope is built in a "modern tropical and local" style.
Customers also need to make full use of natural elements such as water, wood, metal and soil.
The slopes are maintained, and so are all the big trees.
Inspired by the works of Ernesto Bedmar, an Argentine architect(
Bedmar & Shi Company)
The design involves a series of spatial processes, bringing light and shadow into the building, and using materials, colors, textures and shadows to form a simple and elegant structure.
Recommendation: Tropical Minimalism - CS LOO Architect, Delta Nil Design and Consulting SDN Bhdclient: Jason Goh Sim Lengjury Review: Clean-
Modernist tropical houses with linings, visually embracing the sea, give people a sense of vacation.
This essay is very simple: Take a small house and let its risk see the sea to the greatest extent.
The site is long and narrow, located on the coast of Ujong Pasir, Malacca.
The shape of the building is made up of basic modern boxes softened by the tropical comfort of Bali.
The style is simple and modern, emphasizing clear lines and basic geometric forms.
Multi-family residence(LOW-RISE)
Silver: 20 trees --- Chan Sau Yan Associates Client: SDB Properties SDN Bhdjury's comment: Simple linear geometry expresses bold interaction, capturing the quietness of the hilly environment.
Natural topography, including granite landscape-
Linshan is an important consideration in the design process.
The design outline is a series of steps that recognize the original gradient of the terrain.
These structures are the interaction of simple solid planar walls with voids such as courtyards and windows.
Recommendation: Cempaka International Women's College Residential Area - Masyerin M. N.
Architectural Design Client: Cempaka School(1983)
SdnBhdjury's Comment: Protecting and Liberating the New Appearance of Female Residents'Residential Areas.
The briefing is a residential area with a maximum capacity of 280 female students.
In architectural design, curve shape is generated by the desire for natural terrain to utilize the landscape of swimming pool, define the central open space, and shade it at the same time.
There are two identical blocks, connected by a 28-metre-long bridge, with two completely different facets.
The design includes many visual open spaces, while maintaining safety and security, each block has an entrance.
Multi-family residence(HIGH-RISE)
King: Centrio Pantai Hillpark, Kl-Tan Eng Keong and YTL Design Group Co-clients: Syarikat Kemajuan Perumahan Negarajury's comment: Interestingly showcasing diversity and sculpture quality in strict linear geometry.
Development includes five interlocking low-
Rising blocks in a wide range of landscapes with gardens and waterscapes. SOHO (
Small office, family office)
Units are stacked above the garden on the roof of the skirt building, and bridges connect each block. Rain-
Catchments are used for landscape irrigation.
SOHO unit has dual functions-
Spacious living area, connected to the upper office or bedroom through stairs, thus providing users with a highly flexible configuration.
Silver: Ken Bangsar Kuala Lumpur - DP Architects Sdn Bhdclient: Ken Property Sdn Bhdjury's Comment: Innovation of Commercial Buildings into Green Residential Buildings, Natural Ventilation of Public Space.
Complete but abandoned conversion 12-
Deluxe 15-storey office building-
The floor service residential area consists of 76 standard units and four three-storey attics.
It is limited by the existing structure, but still can provide a spacious and efficient layout of building space.
Make full use of it-
Height glass capitalizes on the urban skyline of Kuala Lumpur.
Many different features have been adopted to make it environmentally friendly, including natural ventilation.
Recommendation: Domain Service Apartments, New Cyberspace, Cyberspace - Clients of Architecture and Design Private Limited: Lakeside Private Limited Comments: Brave efforts to make affordable housing look colorful, interesting and "design".
In the sparse landscape of Cybojaya, this building has a unique existence. Its colorful facade is broken color tiles laid in mosaic way.
The apartment includes 272 service apartments.
Recommendation: Panoramic Service Apartment - RSP Architects Sdn Bhd No PixClient: Uol Overseas Development Private Limited / Low Keng Huat(S)
Co. / General Company Berhad Joint Venture.
The jury's comment was that the tower was ingeniously located and planned, embracing a dramatic infinite pool for maximum privacy and landscape.
These apartments are located in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur and consist of two 33 blocks. -
A total of 223 layers.
It is designed in accordance with the concept of plane architecture and is reinforced by the wing on the curve elevation.
The environmental deck on the seventh floor is separated by a 37m infinite swimming pool.
Public and Institutional Level: Mrs. Guadalupe's RC Church - Tension: TRCA-
Krucci's comment: The sculpture form and dramatic lighting effect are for a solemn and peaceful, suitable for a religious building. The 1,200-
The auditorium is in a difficult place. -to-
Working on a triangular site in an industrial zone, which was once divided into sewage treatment zones, resulted in strict guidelines and a tight budget of only 4 ringgit. 6mil.
In addition, there are strict Catholic etiquette requirements.
The space design embodies the image of Mrs. Guadalupe.
The flowing walls reflect the folds of our lady's robes.
The roof of the building is independent of the wall, which promotes natural ventilation and allows ambient light to be reflected from gold. -
The coloured ceiling of the lower hall.
Comments: Gujin Islamic Information Center - NBL Architects Private Limited Client: Sarawak Jury Comment: A brave attempt to integrate various beliefs and cultures into a whole.
Spacious open space-
The conceptual design reflects the Centre's goal of welcoming all visitors, regardless of their religious beliefs.
The design meets the customer's wishes to depict more than one-
The cultural method of evoking the concept of Islamic universality does not include Malay. (or even Arabic)
Affected design.
Therefore, the design includes IBAN-
Patterns sculpture, Bidayuh-style Baruk (head house)
Melanau and Orang Ulu-
Affected pillars and the multiplicity of "magnificent palaces"-
Multi-storey roof system in ancient China.
Recommendation: Islamic Museum Affiliated Architecture, KL-ATSA Architects Private Limited Client: Yayasan al-Bukharyjury's Comment: Well A-
Proportional composition, eventually in the glass dome, fills the light and shadow of the central courtyard.
The accessory building is an extension of the beautiful Islamic Museum complex, consisting of one block in five blocks. -
The first floor office building includes exhibition hall and public square.
The main feature of this building is that it has a huge arch entrance, which can be divided into three parts upward. -
The lobby is high on the floor.
The roof garden is covered by a large transparent glass dome.
Educational Goodall: NWKA Architects'Private Limited Client: Taylor Educational Group Private Limited Comments: The Smart Combination of Lake and Campus Architecture - An Encouraging Learning Place.
The camp covers an area of 10 hectares. (27 acres)
Tropical green plants consist of five blocks, about two blocks. 2ha (5. 5 acre)lake.
Use clean lines and light forms and materials to modernize it.
It also uses passive natural cooling systems and uses sustainable standards to shape and shape the environment.
Recognition: Network Centers, Master Planning and Infrastructure Research - ARC Collaborative Clients: Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman(KTAR)
Jury Opinion: Shopping-
Shopping mall type learning is used to good results - it is rich in color, young, full of vitality, suitable for university network center.
The first stage of the main campus of KTAR in Seitapak, Kuala Lumpur is the completion of the network center, which is a "modern learning shell" full of lifestyle elements.
The design of internal administrative, teaching and learning spaces is transparent, transparent from a main atrium and also serves as a multi-functional hall. -
Functional cabin and informal interactive assembly space.
Industrial Recommendation: Digi Technology Operating Center - T. R.
Hamzah & Yeang Sdn Bhdclient: Comments by Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhdjury: Commendable efforts in greening and decorating a practical building.
The aim of the building is to optimize the occupied area of the structure, provide effective drainage and waterproof, protect sensitive equipment, reduce solar thermal gain, and consider effective safety measures.
The facade of the center includes a wide range of green walls as habitats for life, filtering and improving the indoor air quality of the building.
Change and add changes: j-
House, Subang Jaya, Selangor - Design Collective Architect in collaboration with SDN Bhdclient, Basic Design Integration: June Limjury's comment: Updating, standardizing and amazing terraced house renovation, preserving its original features.
Intermediate terraced double room-
The bungalow has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.
This method is to create a loft quality and land attributes of the spatial quality of integration.
Silver: Suen Galleries, KL - Dr Tan L. M.
Architect Client: Suen Jewellers Sdn Bhdjury's comment: A clever way to integrate different entities with economic screens, which also helps the city's street view.
The Suen Gallery consists of three adjacent independent buildings.
The front of 55m wide has a front of Zincalume box shutters and a front yard 6 meters deep, allowing traffic and landscaping.
Comments: Desha Tower - Ang Wenxuan and Ang Bu Chunting: A clever transformation, bringing light into simple but exquisite interior space.
This involves modifying existing intermediate link libraries.
A new extra porch was transformed into an open air garden on the first floor.
A demolished skylight was restored to its original state by a concrete Bristol. (Venetian screen)
An interior garden was built in the newly created twin-roll space.
Preservation of Cultural Relics: Sibu Cultural Relics Center - Design Network Architects Private Limited Client: Majlis Perbandaran Sibujury's Comment: Great efforts have been made to strengthen cultural facilities and public spaces while preserving cultural relics.
One of the oldest historical landmarks in Sibu is the Sibu City Council Building, which was built in 1963.
The building is now a heritage center with a museum in Devon Suyala.
Dewan was relocated to the upper level, while the lower level was used for commercial outlets.
Existing buildings have been renovated with aluminium frame glass and wood flooring at entrance corridors and ramps. ADAPTIVE RE-
Usegold: YTL Communication Center - Mariadass Architects and YTL Design Group Cooperative Clients: Sentul Raya Sdn Bhdjury's Comment: Innovative Adaptive Reuse, Injecting New Life into Abandoned Railway Workshops, and Clearly Celebrating Old and New Buildings.
The building is located in Saint-Tour Park, Kuala Lumpur. It is the former Saint-Tour Railway Workshop.
The old structure is not only mentioned, but also respected as a whole. The 6.
The British masonry brick wall with a height of 1 metre and a thickness of 450 mm is retained. The outer wall is square joints. The expressive steel roof structure is refilled with metal plates and heat insulation is carried out.
Another floor was added, combining 1898 steel columns with modern steel columns.
Silver: Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn Bhdclient: Pelindung Dahan Sdn Bhdjury's comment: Sensitive City interventions revitalize the area and enhance traditional street views.
Located in the Heritage Buffer of George Town, this boutique hotel has been transformed into a 15-person cluster. -
Fields and stores for Hutton Lane, Transfer Road and Clarke Street.
Adaptation includes the restoration of five houses, the addition of one floor, four stores and two floors, six stores.
The front of the hotel was redesigned on the shop floor and widened the driveway for a larger garden.
It is said that the hotel is the first traditional hotel in China designed according to the Gold Rating Standard of Green Building Index.
Overseas Gold: Solaris, Singapore - T. R.
Hamzah & Yeang Sdn Bhd cooperates with CPG Consultant Private Limited to cooperate with customers: SB(Solaris)
Comments by Investment Private Limited: The atrium office has green walls, plantations around and around buildings, and many other green features.
The building is located in a research and business park in central Singapore. -
North Community has been certified by CGA Green Sign Platinum, which is the highest possible green certification on the island.
This is achieved through the use of shading, natural lighting and ventilation, large-scale. -
Large-scale rainwater harvesting and green vegetarianism.
Silver: The house in Waterton, Singapore - RT+Q Architects Private Limited Client: Cai Voy Voy commented: The interesting concept is to "peel off" the side of the roof and introduce light into the inner chamber of a terraced house.
The terrace house became a banana or dart-shaped sculpture, hovering between adjacent public walls.
This shape brings light and air into the middle of the house. A lap-
The swimming pool is also on the first floor, with an open bathroom and a double-height spiral staircase.
Comments: Jakarta Kebayoran Bahru House, RT+Q Architects Private Limited Client: Anton Houdianakry's Comment: The Louvre is a unique statement supported by Well. -
Carefully designed planning space.
The house is in a wealthy community, but because there is no real landscape, it is designed so that all rooms can see a central courtyard.
Its shape is abstract and triple. -
Multilayer shielding box.
It has a swimming pool, a large performance kitchen and a roof terrace.
Recognition: Tokyo Marine Insurance Singapore Ltdjury, Singapore, Tokyo Maritime Center - Client of Chen Xiuyan Association: Comments: Structural expression through prefabricated execution brings new aesthetics to office buildings.
Architectural design was inspired by the simple concept of a cluster of bamboos.
The idea was translated into a v. -
Interlaced Modeling Architecture-
The intersecting reinforced concrete columns symbolize the bamboo forest. This bamboo-like exo-
The skeleton and floor provide shadows for up to 40% of office space.
Lobbies and roofs also have plenty of green.
Interior Design Gold: Tujuan Gemilang Sdn Bhd, Petaling Jaya, Selangor-Ang Wen Hsia and Ann Boo Chungclient's office: Tujuan Gemilang Sdn Bhdjury's comment: The design concept of office is very strong: clear, clean-
Lining, modern and tropical.
The original interior of the office was built entirely of red bricks, and customers wanted the space to return to its original state.
This will naturally lead to mountain-forming debris, so it is determined that these debris will be used as building materials.
An interesting feature is the use of metal mesh filled with broken bricks as light boxes and partitions.
Silver medal: Comments by Tujuan Gemilang Sdn Bhdjury, Yellil Architect with Juteras Design Workshop Sdn Bhdclient, Office of Amkai Group: This is a bold transformation of modern office space, with no decoration for space quality and honest expression of concise materials.
The briefing requires an inspiring office and an internal continuation of external languages.
Decoration is industrial, with exposed mechanical and electrical services - which makes the office very modern.
The finishes are polished cement floors, high exposed concrete ceilings, steel frames and glass cabinets.
Commerce Gold: PJ Trade Center, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor-Yellil Architectural Design Company Customer: Tujuan Gemilang Sdn Bhdjury's Comment: The use of ordinary ventilation block works well;
The integrity of the structure and materials, coupled with the dramatic grinding of the deck, challenges the traditional corporate office philosophy.
The center consists of four blocks, each with 20 to 21 floors.
They are connected to the mezzanine, square and basement floors.
The design uses simple local materials, namely fired bricks, prefabricated concrete ventilation bricks and concrete.
Silver: SSTwo Mall, Petaling Jaya, Selangor - HMSK Architecture Sdn Bhd and CGNA Consultancy Sdn Bhdclient: SSTwo Mall Sdn Bhdjury's comment: A bold, refreshing expression, in a rainy community, a new shopping mall is effectively connected to the courtyard through the central atrium. This five-
Floor stores combine retail space with green space and pedestrian walkways.
The concept of transparency and translucency, the use of wood shutters and vibrant perforated panel color, creates a "gaze" effect;
Roof skylights allow natural daylighting to enter the mall.
Silver: D7, Sentul, Kl - RT + Q Architects Private Limited, YTL Design Group Customer: Sentul Raya Sdn Bhdjury's Comment: Two linear bars are sandwiched in a central atrium / courtyard, with an eye-catching facade connection, reconsidering the traditional store type.
The concept is to design a low-
High-rise office buildings around the courtyard, including gardens and public spaces.
The design provides abundant natural light, shadows and ventilation. The L-
Shaped windows and uneven shapes are also designed to distinguish the internal environment of each office from that of each office.
Gude: Gujin Rock Road Exhibition Hall - Design Network Architects Private Limited Client: Benta Meihua Private Limited Comments: Opportunistic gesture, with sensitive details, to distinguish it from other exhibition halls. The three-
The high-rise exhibition hall is located on one of the oldest main roads in the ancient Jin Dynasty. It is named after a huge stone found in a nearby Indian temple.
It is designed as a whole, treated with locally available materials and surfaces.
It gains more at less cost, while cruel appearance masks a sensitive and considerate personality.
Silver: Pods, Baling Jiaya Commercial City(PJCC)
Comments by Selangor-Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn Bhd and Studio Nicoletti Association Client: PJCC Development Sdn Bhdjury: A bold statement promotes the possible boundaries of the exhibition hall.
The inspiration of the PJCC sales office and exhibition hall comes from the water droplets of nature.
Soft round steel is formed by a series of elliptical sections.
Natural light illuminated the main gallery through a narrow window.
The bi-curvature and bi-curvature of the horizontal cladding panel and the strange shape of the vertical cladding panel allow the external skin color to change according to the reflection of the sun.
Award: Gandra Museum of Art, Jaya Petals, Sealngor-T. R.
Hamzah & Yeang Sdn Bhdclient: Datin Shalini Ganendrajury's comment: This structure provides a simple and quiet space for appreciating and appreciating art.
The space will be used for cultural, exhibition and residential purposes, with an experimental architectural design, in which comfortable cooling is provided by a downdraft shaft.
It also uses Bioswales, a landscape element designed to sustainably remove silt and pollution from surface runoff and slow runoff, thereby retaining more water.
Sports and Entertainment Recommendation: Jade Hill Resort Club, Kayang City, Selangor - GSD Architectural Design Customer: Landeki Okada Comments: Well executed, well controlled linear design, breaking the standard - an unusual clubhouse.
The traditional Chinese courtyard was reinterpreted to organize the modern functions of club clubs, and the buildings or pavilions with similar functions were grouped.
The whole component is intuitively integrated by sweeping and bending the roof.
Special Category: Surau Nusa Idaman, Johor Baru-Razin Architect Client: Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Masjid Bandar Nusajayajury's Comment: Creating a powerful space for the community with simple design and materials.
The Muslim prayer hall for 200 people was built entirely with public donations, so the budget was limited.
Therefore, a simple tropical shelter was designed: a large umbrella-shaped roof with perforated walls around it to facilitate cross-ventilation.
Brick walls are not surface treated, and all the pipes and wiring are exposed, which not only saves money, but also gives people a sense of modernity.
This may be the first LED lamp in the country powered entirely by solar photovoltaic panels.
Silver: Taman Dusson Bandar, Kuala Lumpur-Rohayzad-Rashid Architect, Linear Vista Sdn Bhd and Ecom(Singapore)
Private Limited and Goldgreen Associates Sdn Bhdclient: Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpurjury's Comments: Charming Road Sequence and Urban Park Landscape.
The premise is to turn an abandoned site used as an illegal dumping area into a vibrant urban orchard.
Education also provides a green and open space for urban residents. Design-
It is wise to reflect the rigidity of industrial parks and orchards.
Recognition: Waste Metal Project - Aung Wenxiang and Aung Buchun Customers: Comments of Aung Buchun Jury: Creative Reuse-
Material that can inject new life into other waste metals has been found.
This is a collection of projects, such as doors, grilles, meter boxes and mailboxes made of scrap metal.
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