brownstein: rev up for grand prix festivities — without your car - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-11
brownstein: rev up for grand prix festivities — without your car  -  solar energy traffic lights
This is a warning for Montreal drivers: don't drive this week!
Unless you have a flying car or a personalized jet, if you dare to drive in a blocked street, you will surely be hit by higher anxiety and dangerous high blood pressure.
For those who haven't participated in the Grand Prix in the past few weeks, you won't be able to get there from here or anywhere else.
In addition to the ongoing road construction and the endless bypass roads that have plagued City drivers for years, traffic charges have increased dramatically this week with the increase of traffic volume. -
Chaotic stars are perfectly aligned. Crescent St.
De Maisonneuve Blvd will be closed. to Ste-Catherine St.
From Thursday to Saturday, it was called F1 Carnival. Peel St.
It's closed, not just north of Shredrooke Street.
Up on the hill, there, according to a myth, the city continued to secretly excavate the lost ark.
Streets from De Mesinov to the Temple were also blocked. -
Catherine attended the annual F1 Expo, which lasted until Sunday.
We don't have to remind drivers, especially stores. -
The goalkeeper's "in the hood" paragraph-
Catherine is between Mansfield and Debrery.
It's better to navigate underground with miners'equipment. Move eastward, ST-Laurent Blvd.
Vehicle traffic between Sherbrook and Montana will be closed-Royal Ave.
Thursday to Sunday is the first market on Main Street.
In addition, there are also mural art and edge art festivals held there.
Don't forget the Little Italian Grand Prix in St. Louis-Zotique St. E.
Friday to Sunday.
Even Verdun was not spared. The Wellington Street Gallery Fair was held from Friday to Sunday.
Only those desperate delusions will consider driving. -close —
Connecting circuit board-
Villeneuve in Nott-
Take part in the competition on Sunday.
However, this does not stop some muscles. -
Head in muffler-
Fewer sports cars try to prove that they can pass traffic lights from 0 to 90 kilometers per hour through a single downtown block.
On remote roads and bridges, this is even more daunting, because they are not only faster than the speed of sound in every lane, but also track those who dare to comply with the recommended limits.
Yes, welcome to Montreal's annual testosterone festival.
Under Leonard Cohen's seemingly perplexed gaze-normous 1,000-square-
Rice murals embedded in high places-
Up, the 20th Crescent Street Grand Prix will begin at noon on Thursday, with exotic sports cars and live music provided by companies such as Fred James Project, DJ Express and the Buggy Miracle Band.
And local events-
Obviously, hugging frantically, the celebrity degree challenge starts at 1 p. m. on Thursday. m.
As Olympic medalists, Rosaline Felion and Beno Hott will compete with former Montreal impact team captain Patrice Beniel and local rock star Jonas. -
Changing competition.
Olympic champion Bruny Surin is the spokesman for this year's Olympics. There is no doubt that he will rush from his home to the Olympic site.
This is not to say that bar owners in this area need to remind us constantly, but they will earn more in a week than most of the rest of the year, because visiting euros are often more prone to bubbles than the light of bud.
Bar owners don't have to keep reminding us that Habbs missed the playoffs again, and local alcoholics have long gone into hiding.
The peel of the sixth formula has a head. -
The celebration began on Wednesday.
The focus here is on gourmet foods, such as Ferreira Cafe, Ryu and Universel, which have opened up their terrain.
But, Natch, there will be music driven by DJ Willy Mumford, Eric, Fafa Khan and Special K. -
Obviously more than breakfast cereals.
And pop music. -
A fashion show hosted by genevi_ve borne.
However, the best option is the main activity.
The seventh mural will be held from Thursday to June 16. Visitors can not only wear sausages, buy barbecue from street vendors, but also enjoy some visual effects. -Pop-up Building-art.
But this year's Festival is more distinctive than the usual color walls. High-
Technology has entered the outside world through new digital platforms.
One of the highlights must have been an LED band designed by Spanish artist Spider Tag installed on a huge wall in Cape St. Louis. -
Laurent and Monte-Royal.
But even the mural Festival seems to have entered into the shaking of automotive supplies, car washing and car decoration. -
But hopefully, it will remain stationary and the engine speed will not reach its maximum.
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