bright days ahead for energy saving leds - 12w solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-31
bright days ahead for energy saving leds  -  12w solar led street light
Local Light Emitting Diode(LED)
Companies are bracing for growth in demand in 2014, a year when the federal government plans to phase out domestic incandescent lamps.
Global Outreach Energy Private Limited and QAV Technology Private Limited are two companies in Penang. -
Leadership-based companies that invest in expansion.
The Global Promotion Department is building a 3 million square meters 25,000 square feet assembly plant, which is being renovated in Cyberland Praia.
It is expected to start operation next month.
QAV Technologies, which participates in LED testing, is investing 25 million ringgit in Bayan Lepas'second laboratory.
Edwin Foong, General Manager of Global Promotion, said Malaysia's current LED lighting market is worth at least 160 million Malaysian ringgit annually.
"The current global market is worth about $20 billion.
"Local and global markets are expected to grow by 30% this year and 2013.
"In 2014, we anticipate that the new national law will increase domestic demand even more.
Overseas, the growth of LED lighting will depend on the needs of neighbouring countries.
"That's why we expand and design new products to meet market demand," he said.
The assembly plant was supported by interests. -
Free soft loans provided by the Northern Corridor Executive Board(NCIA)
According to Foong.
80% of global outreach revenue comes from export sales, mainly to Japan and the Philippines, and the remaining 20% comes from the growing domestic sector.
"Our goal now is other ASEAN countries and intermediate countries. -"East," he added.
A year ago, the Global Solar Promotion Program, launched at Jelutong Fortune Park, aims to generate 30 million ringgit in revenue next year.
"At present, our monthly sales are about 1 ringgit. 5mil to RM2mil.
But we believe that this figure will touch RM2.
Five miles next year, "he added.
Foong says a key product recently developed is a new system that uses solar energy as a power source and works with DC control systems.
"Our LED lighting DC control system is equipped with Internet protocol hardware and software, allowing users to control lighting at home and office through smart mobile devices.
"The new system is being tested by Japanese customers.
It will be mass produced in new factories, "he said.
Other new products promoted globally include-to-install 1. 2m high-
Brightness LED light tube.
"They don't need to remove the conventional wiring and electrical components of fluorescent lamps, which saves installation costs," he said.
Global Promotion Market-
Family-known brand, Goethe and strength.
Meanwhile, Chen Liangshan, director of global promotion, said their design team worked with customers to develop new systems.
"We buy 70% to 80% of raw materials locally.
"We use the LED chip provided by Osram Optoelectronic Semiconductor Company in Penang, which saves 50% to 60% of the energy of our system.
He said: "We are a green project certification company certified by the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water Resources. "
Michael Goh Boon Chin, Technical Director of Better Facilities AV, said that the new testing laboratory, equipped with LED testers from Germany, would begin in June next year.
The new 50,000-square-foot lab will test up to 100 models of LED lighting every month.
"At present, the existing 20,000 square feet laboratory tests up to 30 models per month.
"We test brightness and color.
The new lab has the ability to test 100,000 lumen products, "he said.
QAV customers are local small and medium-sized enterprises and multinational corporations. (MNCs).
"About 40% are multinational companies, and the rest are local SMEs," he said.
Wu Bangguo said that domestic demand for street lighting alone is expected to reach more than 250 million ringgit in 2014.
"This is one of the reasons for expansion.
"We also plan to participate in exhibitions in the ASEAN region to develop its market.
Some of these countries have similar deadlines for the elimination of incandescents by 2014, "Goh added.
Compared with the expected 15 million ringgit this year, the target income of Certification QAV next year is 30 million ringgit.
It is the only laboratory in the area of the National Standards Association of the United States. (ANSI)
Certification is used for standards formulated by certification organizations, government agencies, consumer groups, companies and other institutions.
According to GOH, these standards ensure consistency in performance and quality and are tested in the same way. “ANSI-
Certified products will gain wider market penetration, "Wu said.
According to Taipei report-
February 2012 Report Based on Digitimes Research-
Brightness LED industry will usher in a new year-on-
Annual growth of 13.
In 2012, it was 4%, with output rising to $10. 1bil.
However, Gao-
The report says that the brightness LED industry will not return to its high growth level in 2010 due to the dramatic decline in metal organic chemical vapor deposition equipment used to make LEDs.
In 2010, the industry grew by an impressive 67% to $10. 2bil from US$6.
According to a report by TechEye, 2009 was 1 billion.
Japan, South Korea and Taiwan will account for about 61 percent, the report said. 3% of the high-
With the trend of dominance in Asia becoming more evident, brightness will dominate the market in 2012.
In a report, Digitimes Research said Asia-
In 2012, headquarters enterprises will account for 90% of the market demand for MOCVD equipment, an increase of 10 basis points over 2011.
"China, in particular, has the highest demand for equipment, which is expected to account for 68% of global demand in 2012," the report said.
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