bhel bags award - integrated solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-06
bhel bags award  -  integrated solar led street light
Tiruchi of Barat Heavy Electric Co. , Ltd. won the Green Technology Environment Award from the Engineering Department for its outstanding contribution to environmental management.
This award was awarded by Y. S.
At a recent meeting in Hyderabad, the Minister of Science and Technology, Chowdary, attended. S. V.
Srinivasan, General Manager of Health, Safety and Environment, won the award on behalf of Tirucci BHEL.
More than 1 million trees were planted in 95% of the campus, which raised the awareness of solid waste management. Rainwater was collected in abandoned quarries and used in gardening. Coolant recovery system and hydraulic oil recovery system were established. CLEA was introduced to reuse and recycle water in factories. N Technical Solutions, such as Once-
Through supercritical and circulating fluidized bed combustion boilers and solar LED street lamp, the gas burning furnace is converted to LPG burning furnace. Battery-driven vehicles and solar hot water system and organic waste converter are used in the canteen.
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