backyard flamethrowers and other fracking myths - solar panel garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-29
backyard flamethrowers and other fracking myths  -  solar panel garden lights
You may have seen a video of a Texan lighting a garden hose on the Internet or on TV news.
It's like burning in water.
How could this happen?
Well, according to backyard firefighters, this is because of hydraulic fracturing.
Stephen Lipsky claims to have been caused by the fracturing company and is suing them for large sums of money.
No need to wait for trial - who do you believe, Billion-
Dollar company or your own eyes?
This video is so powerful that it is a key evidence of anti-government organizations. -
A hydraulic fracturing propaganda film called Gasland 2 was broadcast on HBO.
But that is not the case. It was a hoax.
Of course, there was a flame at the end of the garden hose.
But that's because Lipsky connects the other end of the hose to an exhaust outlet, not a pipe.
This is not an opinion.
This is the conclusion of Judge Trey Loftin of the 43rd Judicial District Court, who is hearing a lawsuit between Lipsky and the fracturing company.
In a 2012 ruling, Judge Lofting wrote that Lipsky "intentionally connected a garden hose to an exhaust outlet, not to a water pipe. . . This demonstration is not for scientific research, but for the local and national news media to provide a deceptive video aimed at warning the public that water is burning.
"The ruling was issued in 2012.
But Josh Fox, against-
The fractured extremists who made the film still included it in Gasland 2, which was not released until 2013.
As mentioned above, the hose of the Firespray Garden was found to be a fraud and deliberate deception.
The fox was not repulsed by this trick, but ran over to this day.
It's easy to see why.
Hydraulic fracturing is safe - one of the safest technologies in our industrial age.
It was invented in 1947, patented in 1949, and successfully completed more than one million times in the United States. S.
More than 100,000 times in Canada. It’s normal;
In North America, 90% of natural gas wells are fractured.
More than 150 scientific studies have investigated its safety. the U. S.
The EPA, like the state government, constantly monitors it. -level EPAs.
Science says it's safe.
This means that deceptive stunts and crazy accusations are counter-productive. -frackers have.
There are no dead bodies, no poisonous water to see.
In fact, compared with most other energy sources, fracturing is very clean.
That's why flamethrowers have to be assembled - because the truth is not bad enough.
Compared with the fantasy fuel proposed by Fox and other anti-war activists-frackers.
Wind turbines and solar panels use rare earth metals, which are mainly mined in China under harsh environmental conditions.
In China, you don't need to fake a burning garden pipe - the whole river is full of toxic silt.
This is what "green" technology looks like in the process of mining and manufacturing.
It's easy to shoot - much easier than installing garden pipes.
But it's not suitable for the contrary. -
Fracturing activists believe North American fossil fuels are cleaner than the International Green Program.
There will always be conspiracy theorists who insist that hydraulic fracturing is the culprit of their water's interesting taste, or that they need scapegoats for any dissatisfaction.
Some of these people are planning lawsuits, some are just being fooled, some are media hounds, some are three people.
But they are against it. -
Vaccine nuts, those who think of WI-
FI Internet causes cancer, or 9/11 Truthers.
In fact, those against-
In the radical environmental movement, scientific views are normal.
Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada, is WI-
Truth and Counter-fracker.
Megan Leslie of the National Democratic Party is a rebel. -
Fossil fuel extremists have recently pushed forward the 9/11 deniers'speeches.
The common clue is to have a "secret knowledge" mentality, and the "official system" does not want you to know.
It's a way to feel special and just, smarter than your neighbors.
But like Steven Lipsky's garden hose, it's a lie.
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