asteroid watchers predict the exact date for the end of the world - solar traffic light system

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asteroid watchers predict the exact date for the end of the world  -  solar traffic light system
Jay and Anne Tate decided to watch the end of the world.
A team of husbands and wives has set up shops in a doomsday facility to monitor wandering asteroids that could cause disaster to humans.
They run the Space Guard Center, the only U. S. Observatory dedicated to monitoring asteroids and comets, which may one day rush to Earth.
Mr. Tate said that life had been destroyed by asteroids before, and there was no doubt that it would happen again.
It is reported that the former Army Major and his teacher's wife intend to discover any outlying asteroids in time so that the authorities can protect the planet from threats.
Their mission is simple: to give the authorities time to defend against the apocalyptic forces that boulders fly to us at 35,000 miles an hour.
Deflection - shunting of hot objects released from the asteroid belt - is currently the preferred method of preventing human death.
But the possibilities we face are enormous. Jay, a no-
Nonsense speakers are important-of-
In fact, with regard to human extinction, more than 50 space rocks are currently being tracked, which must have been transferred from doomsday facilities deep in the wilderness of the Shropshire border.
NASA and ESA risk lists, a list of "near-Earth" objects, show infants'ability to kill humans, emphasizing no fewer than 677 etheric objects, which is a cause of growing concern.
"2880 should be quite interesting," says Jay, who studies computer monitors.
"To be precise, it was 16 March 1880.
"That's when the 1950da asteroid swept through our atmosphere, or even though it hit enough gas to sustain life.
"It will be very close," Jay said, looking at the screen.
The jury debated whether the iron-wrist cleaner would hit the surface of our planet.
If so, that's the curtain.
He added: "Within two kilometres, it's big enough to deal with global events. It's a little small for a really large earthquake. "
Jay stared at the screen again, shrugging his shoulders as if studying a newly decorated wall: "It will end technological civilization. "
"Are you worried that I will be hit by a bus? They are all logical risks in life.
"The audience with Jay, a former military missile expert, is a clear reminder of our vulnerability.
The asteroid hit a devastating dinosaur-
Destroy the influence of the past.
Modern people survive by their beards, and fireballs hit our football field.
"In the long run, this work is essential," Jay said.
"We are unlikely to be hit by an asteroid in the next few years, but in the long run, this will happen.
"It's inevitable.
You don't need the Archbishop's mind to realize this.
"Some are as close as our satellites - we have some slight impacts.
"But we can stop it from hitting.
We can turn direct attack into close attack. -miss.
"The name of the game is to get time to study the properties and measurements of asteroids.
"That's why the Space Guard Center is so important.
This is an anti-theft alarm connected to the solar system.
Sixteen years ago, Jay was a member of the Bowes Observatory near Neyton, Wales.
Now it's an uncoordinated doctor. -
Like a complex in a farm-dotted landscape.
A 97,000 dome project is currently under way, which will greatly improve the tracking capability of the centre.
However, due to the lack of cash supply, our government has shown little interest in the work of the Tates, and it is incredible that the facility depends on donations to survive.
On the contrary, the United States is a pioneer in its neighbours. -
Earth technology, greedily devouring everything this couple has to offer.
Important figures in the solar system are also aware of its value: Stephen Hawking has recently visited, and astronauts are protecting themselves in narrow orbits.
Jay was annoyed by the indifference of Whitehall.
The government invested millions of dollars in opposition. -
Terrorist technology ignores the threat on our heads.
"What we see is the only major pinned down. -
"You can't see it on TV in the danger of killing our species at once, so it doesn't exist," said Jay Tutz.
"The Government has prepared a national risk register.
It includes pandemics, terrorism and floods, but asteroids and comets are not among them.
"No one else did, and I was told not to.
I tried to persuade them to do something.
At first, they were enthusiastic, but nothing happened.
"For 20 years, when your head hits a brick wall, you end up thinking,'Dead, let's deal with it ourselves.
Jay presents an image of the universe, a milk sneeze spot on a glass.
Then a grain dances like a flea.
It's an asteroid on a star. -
Star-and-Strip Cosmic Carpet
The asteroid belt connecting Mars and Jupiter is a construction site for deadly rocks that should have been combined to form planets, but that's not the case.
When they leave their seatbelts, the possibility of disaster - the world-Change, the world-
Ending Disasters - Promoting Probability.
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