ask traffic lights at rail crossings; automobile club suggests "stop" and "go" signals be installed by roads. would put plan into law proposal says 4,000 intersections in state would thus be protected pending removal. - solar traffic lights manufacturer

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ask traffic lights at rail crossings; automobile club suggests \
This is a digital version of an article in the printed archives of The Times in October 1927. It was published online in 1996.
In order to keep the articles as they were, the Times will not modify, edit or update them.
Sometimes digitization can lead to transcriptional errors or other problems.
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Frederick H put forward "stop" and "forward" signals at railway intersections yesterday.
Eliot, Director of Public Safety, New York Motor Club, West Central Park and Seventy-first Street.
In a statement, he put forward the idea, praising today's meeting of railway directors in Albany.
Look at the whole article in Times Machine On October 10, 1927, 38 pages of the New York edition of the wholesale market printed a version of the file, the title is: Setting up traffic lights at railway intersections;
The car club suggests installing "stop" and "go" lights on the road.
The proposal to put the plan into law says that 4,000 intersections will therefore be protected pending relocation.
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