ariadne - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-21
ariadne  -  solar panel traffic lights
Two projects in last week's column about rail travel and pollution in the North Sea prove one of the extraordinary features of British contemporary life.
The statistics and statements of the prime minister, members of the Cabinet, members of Parliament and others of interest bombed US --
Grindersshowing shows that all aspects of society have improved under the current rule of Westminster, are improving and will continue to improve.
However, just looking around, the common experience shows the opposite, and rail travel and pollution are two examples of steady deterioration.
I have no doubt that improvements can be pointed out, but the impact of the fewin region on people is certainly as broad as in areas such as transportation.
Air travel, like rail travel, has become a dangerous pain.
Road traffic is getting worse and worse every year, and congestion is getting worse and worse.
Who enters the underground system of London without any concern?
The other deterioration is obvious to the people on the Clapham integrated car, assuming that the bus does not travel for a long time, he can get on the bus.
Garbage is too bad, there is no road, even the most remote country path, no garbage, the city is flooded with garbage.
The postal service was slow, sloppy and could not seem to stop falling.
Food hygiene, especially dairy hygiene, is clearly suspicious.
The water industry is in chaos, and a significant increase in fees is coming.
Pollution of rivers, land and air is a daily topic of the press.
The National Health Service, which has collapsed for about a decade, is now cracked by a difficult-to-understand reform plan, while prescription fees make no sense.
The plan to privatize electricity looks mysterious, but it doesn't seem necessary.
However, the Clapham bus passenger is very clear that he will have to pay more for his power and lighting no matter what happens.
Hooligans and crimes are becoming more common and terrible, and corruption at the top are often reported. Police-
The escorted mob was allowed to march down the street with a placard, demanding the murder of a fellow citizen.
At the same time, the rights of freedom and individuals are gradually being eroded, as is the official Secret Act now being passed by Parliament.
If this becomes law, the minister of government will be able to tell anyone that they will be dragged into prison if they disclose any information that the minister believes they should not disclose, even if the disclosure does not harm anyone.
Through Lord Acton and old Pete, count Chatham, we all know that power is corrupt.
According to the newspaper, there is also a disturbing, narrow arrogance in the government circle, and even the most enthusiastic supporters are starting to chatter.
You can see more or less that when political commentators start using French phrases in their comments, things start to wear out, or the cloud is not bigger than a person's hand.
Folie degrandeur is now scattered.
To improve the accuracy of folie degrandme re, it may be modified.
Nevertheless, this is confusing because there is clearly no lack of reason.
* Coming up with excellent comments and accusations, I must admit that, nevertheless, the article I read about the Purley train accident left me very confused.
Some say that the BR has a system that will automatically brake on the train if the driver passes an amber or red signal.
No, others say that when the driver goes through such a signal, he should apply brakeson to hear the sound of the horn in the cab, but he can do it by pressing a button to mute the system
Others say pressing the button will also cover the automatic braking device.
However, others insisted that BR could not install a better system due to lack of funds, while others said that BR had invested a lot of money in kitty and had not had time to install it.
Reeling si, I will have to wait for the results of the official investigation into the accident, presumably to find out the truth.
But it seems strange to me to run a system based on the automatic brakes-if it is true-if in practice it can be aborted by a driver, he may get his train through
If he can do this, then what is the point of the automation device in the first place?
There is no doubt that I will get a lesson in terms of running schedules, traffic flow to be handled, etc.
I am willing to learn.
* It seems that someone has noticed this magazine.
In the February, the paragraph referred to a proposal proposed by a reader in a semi-joking manner to float the balloon to the height of the ozone layer above the Antartctic.
The cargo of the balloon will be voltagemultipliers, constantly discharging at a high enough level to produce ozone from the air, thus patching the hole.
Of course, the power provided by solar panels.
My favorite cartoon characters Lo and behole once said that I now hear that there is a plan later this year to release about 100 balloons in the Antarctic for repairs.
It is estimated that the balloon with the multiplier may last for several months and replace the ozone at that time in an area of about every square mile.
Even if the plan works, I would like to keep in touch with the progress, and I should suspect how long the ozone patch will last under the attack of fluorine chloride, and it is still increasing.
I have no information about finance.
I think it would be an expensive business to bring balloons to the South Pole and fill them with helium.
* I 've been trying for a while to get two length wires from straight hangers, one of which has a fluorescent tube and one hard --brimmed hat.
The purpose of this activity is to connect the torch horizontally to the edge of the hat so that the light shines on my forehead and on my eyes.
Because I have found that I am not a martyr who suffers from the annual February blues, but a sad or seasonal emotional disorder.
This has been discovered in the United States.
Its symptoms are so close that you don't know where the connection is.
They lack energy, retreat, depression, greed for carbohydrates, fatigue, and a desire to sleep longer than usual.
The treatment is to get this light through the eyebrows, but I can't let the torch drooping.
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