apple campus approved by cupertino council - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-22
apple campus approved by cupertino council  -  solar panel traffic lights
Apple plans to build a new "spaceship" headquarters in Northern California, which has been approved. The 2.
At a meeting of the Cupertino City Council, the 8 million-square-foot building received a consistent green light.
Apple boss Tim Cook said happily: "Our home of innovation and creativity in the coming decades.
Cupertino City Council unanimously endorsed Apple's new campus.
"The new headquarters near San Jose is a product of the joint headquarters.
Founder Steve Jobs submitted the plans to the council in June 2011.
It is said to be his last public appearance. Jobs said that the main building is like a "small Spaceship", which may become "the best office building in the world ".
More than 14,000 employees will gather at Apple Campus 2
There is a huge garden in the center of the main floor building.
Designed by London company Foster and Partners, the technology company is queuing up for £ 2016
Currently, demolition of existing buildings is expected to begin at the end of this year.
The campus is set to "network-
"Zero Energy" thanks to 700,000 square feet of rooftop solar panels ".
According to the San Jose Mercury News report, members of the Cupertino conference also heard about the "major but inevitable" traffic problems caused by the new campus.
However, Apple has promised that 34% of its employees will go to work using public transportation or a company shuttle.
There are thousands of underground parking spaces on campus.
The cost of the new headquarters has increased to $5 (£3bn)
According to a Bloomberg report earlier this year
A fraction of Apple's estimated $ 147bn (£92bn)cash stockpile.
The project will be signed by the last council vote on November 15, but the meeting is considered administrative.
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