another new route for tesla: its first electric semi-tractor-trailer - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-20
another new route for tesla: its first electric semi-tractor-trailer  -  solar panel traffic lights
More than ten years after producing cars and SUVs
Recently, solar panels-Tesla Inc.
I want to charge a new type of car: a big truck.
The company has launched a new semi-Electrictractor-
Thursday night's trailer near Hawthorne Design Center, California. Tesla (TSLA)
Another product also surprised fans: an updated version of its first sports car.
Tesla says the new sports car will have a range of 620 miles and a maximum speed of 250 miles per hour.
The car will be available on 2020 at a reserve price of $200,000.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled sports car 2 in a speech in Hawthorne, California. S.
On November 16, 2017, Tesla handouts/Reuters CEO Elon Musk said that semi-electric cars can travel 500 miles even if they are full of 80,000 kilometers.
Taking into account fuel savings, lower maintenance, and other factors, a load of pounds, and the cost will be less than half of diesel.
American trend NewsS.
Drone shot down 2019 NBA Draft rookie police killed the women's World Cup Musk said customers can put down a $5,000 deposit half now and production will be 2019.
"We believe that from a functional point of view, this is a product that is better in every way," Musk told Tesla fans who gathered for the unveiling ceremony.
Musk did not disclose the price of the car.
The truck will have Tesla's self-driving system, which can maintain the set speed and automatically slow down in traffic.
It also has a system that automatically keeps the vehicle in the lane.
Musk said several Tesla semis will be able to follow on their own in a fleet.
Musk said Tesla plans to build a global solar network.
The electric "mega car", after 30 minutes of charging, allows the truck to return to the range of 400 miles.
What is behind the car manufacturers driving electric cars?
This is in line with Musk's goal of accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation.
Trucks accounted for nearly a quarter of transportation-
US-related greenhouse gas emissionsS.
According to government statistics.
But in Palo Alto, California, the semi-finals are full of more chaos. based company.
Tesla is far behind in the production of Model 3, a new lower version
Some customers face waiting for 18 months or more.
After the acquisition of the Solar City company, it is also increasing the production of solar panels. last year.
Tesla is working on a pickup truck and a lower truck.
Build a new factory in China.
Meanwhile, the company reported a record quarterly loss of $0. 619 billion in the most recent quarter.
Some analysts call the specifications of semi "optimistic" and point out that it is difficult to determine its value without knowing more details.
"Specifications and prices are two things that truck buyers tend to look for when buying a truck.
"The launch of Tesla trucks is a bit light in these areas," Tesla us Research wrote in a report . ".
"The cost per mile announced by Tesla is 20% lower than diesel, and assumptions will be made about truck prices, unknown maintenance, work cycle, shipping value and weight/volume, remaining value, etc.
"Tesla's calculation of the truck economy also assumes very cheap electricity.
Musk has been affected in many ways.
He leads rocket maker SpaceX and is involved in other projects including high
High-speed transportation, artificial intelligence research and a new company that digs tunnels underground in Los Angeles to ease traffic congestion.
"He has so many things on hand now.
Bruce Clark, Moody's senior vice president and automotive analyst, said: "This may distract people from ensuring that Model 3 is running effectively . ".
Tesla's semi is entering an uncertain market.
Demand for electric trucks is expected to grow over the next decade as U. S.
Both Europe and China have tightened emissions regulations.
Navigant Research said electric truck sales totaled 4,100 vehicles in 2016, but it is expected to grow to more than 70,000 in 2026.
But most of the growth is expected to target smaller, medium-sized economies.
Voluntary means of transport such as garbage trucks or delivery trucks.
The mileage of these trucks can be limited to 100 miles or less, which requires less expensive batteries.
They can also fully charge overnight. Long-
On the other hand, transportation of semi-trucks is expected to go further, which will be a challenge.
At present, there are almost no toll infrastructure on global highways.
Fast without Tesla's promise
Charging, even mid-range
Two large trucks may be needed.
Brian Owen, general manager of Accenture North America Industrial Group, a consulting firm, said an hour stopped, reducing the company's efficiency and profits.
Truck companies will have to look closely at the market because more stringent regulations on diesel or improvements to the charging infrastructure may make electric trucks more viable soon, Owen said.
The drop in battery costs will also help electric trucks to be more attractive compared to diesel.
However, even if the cost is lower, it will not make truck transportation an inevitable choice for Tesla.
It faces fierce competition from a long time.
Trusted brands such as Daimler AG launched their semi-prototypes last month.
"These people are businessmen, not fans, and they need to believe that the truck is more suited to their balance sheet than the existing technology.
This may be, according to the specifications provided, but this is not necessarily a dunk, "said Rebecca linderland, executive analyst at Kelly's Blue Book.
Musk said Tesla will provide the company with 1 million miles of power system security to ease customer concerns.
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