amc budget aims to make ahmedabad a sports hub - solar powered flood lights outdoor

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-09
amc budget aims to make ahmedabad a sports hub  -  solar powered flood lights outdoor
On Tuesday, Ahmedabad will soon become the world's largest cricket venue, and municipal Councillor Vijay Nehra stressed the need to develop a variety of sports facilities in the city when submitting a draft budget for the next fiscal year.
Ahmedabad will soon become the site of the world's largest cricket court.
The city has become international. -
Kankaria Horizontal Sports Center hosts World Cup and national Kabadi and badminton competitions.
Two new sports facilities have been proposed for the 2019 budget. -
20, at the cost of 10 million rupees, Nehra announced.
He also announced a new project, the Ahmedabad Sports Promotion Foundation.
"We are working with the Gujarat Sports Bureau to design a new special vehicle for sports complex and facilities.
SPV is named Ahmedabad Sports Promotion Foundation, which will train athletes.
According to this project, international coaches and coaches will be arranged to participate in different sports.
"We want to build platforms for different sports in the city, prepare for the best athletes and provide training for them," he added.
The Commissioner also announced that the city would set up tennis courts in 10 different locations and had approved 30 million rupees.
The court will be equipped with synthetic floors, nets and chains in accordance with international standards. -
Connect the fence and floodlights.
In order to develop body, health and fitness in an all-round way, gym facilities will become the focus.
The stadium in Parimal Garden will be treated at a price of 500,000 rupees and five new stadiums have been planned for the next fiscal year.
More facilities will be added to the 40 existing gymnasiums of Ahmedabad Municipal Company.
Early 2016-
On the 17th, the Indian Sports Bureau announced the establishment of a new sports complex and has allocated 85 million rupees for this purpose.
This will be an international standard, with indoor and outdoor sports facilities.
These facilities can even become Olympic venues.
Five new swimming pools have been proposed at a cost of Rs. 20 million, while 14 existing ones will be renovated.
The two motion centers are conceptualized on both sides of the river.
One is behind the NID in the West Bank, and the other is near Sharp on the East Bank.
The complex will have cricket courts, tennis courts, skating rinks, jogging courts, multiple sports fields, etc. , at a cost of 27 million rupees.
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