amazon wants to turn street lights and even church steeples into drone docking stations - solar street light project

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-03
amazon wants to turn street lights and even church steeples into drone docking stations  -  solar street light project
Amazon's main aerial UAV delivers services, and if it can leave the ground, one day it can use streetlights, cell towers, and even church spires as a docking point for its aircraft.
These stations will be used as charging points for unmanned aerial vehicles, so that they can stop at multiple points to increase battery power, so that they have a larger flight distance.
In theory, such a system would allow the entire country to almost completely open up the possibility of UAV delivery, because an UAV could jump from one point to another on the way to an address.
The dock also protects the UAV from adverse weather conditions that may occur after the UAV leaves the distribution center for delivery.
A patent granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office this month outlines these new ideas. (USPTO)
Under the heading, "More"-use UAV (
Extended base system and method.
"A year after Jeff Bezos uncovered the secret of his drone, he applied. -
Based on the delivery plan at the end of 2013, the patent suggests that docking stations could also include solar panels to generate electricity for the system, as well as security cameras and even WI. -
Hot spots of residents near FI.
"This allows cities to offer free Wi-Fi. -
FI does not bear the burden of installing part or all of the necessary infrastructure in public parks, buildings and other public areas, "the patent suggests.
Interestingly, the patent also says that these stations can help. -
Leave the packing point and release the goods through a "sliding door, a roll of paper". -
Upward door or other type of door, used to reduce or eliminate water, dirt and debris infiltration into the packaging conveying system at the same time, provide access to the packaging conveying system.
"Such a place of delivery may be a warehouse in the Amazon region, from which to go. -
Mile transport is carried by drivers, even automatic trucks and six vehicles. -wheeled robots.
Of course, it's worth noting that this is only a patent, so the idea may never see the light of day.
But it does make us look at Seattle. -
The Beijing-based company is exploring ideas related to the sky. -
Based on delivery plan.
New regulations on commercial UAV flights issued by the Federal Aviation Administration in June undermined Amazon's recent hopes for UAV delivery services.
For example, the new regulations require unmanned aerial vehicles to remain in the operator's sight all the time. --
Apparently no good rule for E-
The business giant and its own aircraft.
Nevertheless, the company insists that, over time, new systems such as UAVs'air traffic control platforms will pave the way for wider commercial applications of autonomous aircraft, giving them another way to order goods. --
Although relatively small--
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