ahead of smart city anniv, ndmc clears pending plans - smart solar street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-04
ahead of smart city anniv, ndmc clears pending plans  -  smart solar street light
On June 25, the New Delhi City Council held the second anniversary of the Central Government's mission to Smart Cities. Federal Minister Naidu asked civic groups to speed up the project. (NDMC)
A number of pending projects have been approved.
Over the past four years, after several tenders, the smart pole project was finally approved by the Council at a meeting held on Tuesday.
Installing smart poles in New Delhi, replacing existing ones with closed-circuit television surveillance, warm LED lights, WiFi and environmental sensors, is part of the prime minister's flagship Smart City project.
The joint Ministry of urban development is responsible for the work of this project. (MoUD).
At the meeting, the Council approved the installation of 55 smart poles.
This is the first phase of the project.
"The Commission has approved the initial installation of 55 smart poles in areas such as Panchapri, Tienmurti and Nott Square.
However, the minutes of the meeting need to be signed.
We will now delegate the work to the contractor, "said a senior official of the National Data Management Commission.
In the new tender, the CCTV will be installed at night-
Visual mode and wider span.
The official added that this was to enhance the security of the VIP enclave in the capital.
In addition, other projects, including smart roads and parking lots, are expected to be approved by June 25.
The municipal authorities initially proposed the installation of 18,300 smart poles in the area.
However, the project has been tendered. -
When one of the bidders brought a lawsuit against the court on the terms of the tender, he bid many times, calling it "ambiguous".
The project, estimated to cost about 200 million rupees, was challenged by a bidder in the High Court last year.
Later, a new proposal was put forward. (RFP)
Listed in July 2016.
Since the project was put forward, three tenders have been submitted.
It's a little tall. -
At first, there were few bidders for the terminal technology and high cost of the project.
The NDMC area is listed as a list of 20 smart cities.
Earlier this year, Trade Union minister Venkaiah Naidu asked civil society to speed up the construction of visible impact projects such as smart roads, warm LED lights and smart poles while reviewing the progress of smart city projects.
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