affordable solar power for urban homesteading: alternative energy - hanging solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-28
affordable solar power for urban homesteading: alternative energy  -  hanging solar garden lights
How much?
As a city's homestead, you may want to use alternative energy sources.
The most obvious alternative source of energy is the sun.
Although solar energy is clean and abundant, solar energy systems can be very expensive.
For $10,000 to $30,000, you can buy a specially installed solar system that provides enough electricity for everything in your home, except heating/cooling.
For ordinary users, it takes 7 to 10 years to recover investment.
By selling surplus electricity to your power company, you can recover it faster.
Unfortunately, most of them do not have such a choice.
Although there are some websites on the Internet that have instructions about building solar cells for less than $200, you have to have some skills to do that.
According to these websites, batteries and other accessories you need can be bought at low prices on auction websites.
Eight of these batteries should provide enough electricity for ordinary households.
Using energy-saving methods, such as energy-saving light bulbs, small appliances and drying clothes, will help reduce power load.
Although labor is involved and the quality is not as high as that of specially built and installed systems, you may have about one-tenth of the cost of specially installed systems.
Even a battery can reduce electricity bills and allow you to move forward on the road to energy. -sufficiency.
Other ways to save money using solar energy using solar cookers is a very inexpensive way to use solar energy on your urban homestead.
Solar cookers can be made of everyday materials.
They can be simply made of cardboard boxes and aluminum foil.
Solar cookers are great slow cookers, and you can even bake bread in larger models.
If you live in a sunny environment, a solar cooker can save more money than a pot.
Solar cookers are very suitable for drying and dehydrating food.
For about $50, you can build a nice, sturdy oven and even find one for about $100.
Solar outdoor lighting can also reduce your electricity bill in your urban homestead.
Outdoor solar lamps can be purchased in household goods stores.
They are individually or in complete sets at reasonable prices.
They can be used for safe lighting or road lighting.
Portable small solar chargers can be used for laptops, mobile phones and iPods.
The use of these batteries also helps to reduce the number of batteries that will eventually be landfilled.
Even if you can't afford solar energy for the whole family, you can see some affordable ways, including using solar energy in your urban homestead.
Think about how much energy we would save if we simply charged our laptops and mobile phones with solar energy.
The price of solar energy will fall as more and more people use it.
Spend your savings on small-scale applications, and one day there will be a solar house on your urban homestead. .
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