adelaide to host australian-first trial of intelligent streetlights - all in one solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-06
adelaide to host australian-first trial of intelligent streetlights  -  all in one solar led street light
Adelaide is experimenting with LED street lights that darken automatically when they are not needed, and collecting lighting from other sources to save electricity.
Sixty-four lights were installed along Piri Street and Indemash Square in the Central Business District.
Peter Auhl, deputy director of the Adelaide City Council, said the Council was committed to exploring the application of intelligent technology throughout the city.
"One of the key objectives of this project is how we optimize the amount of lighting needed to create a safe environment," Orr said.
At night, the light is set in a lower position, and the general area can still be seen safely.
When a pedestrian or vehicle approaches, the motion sensor on the side of the lamp adjusts it to its maximum intensity.
"When people walk by, it lights up the street to its maximum brightness," Mr. Orr said.
When they leave, it darkens to a safe level of lighting.
"These lights can also use ambient light.
This technology is called lighting.
"It's a concept that focuses on how we assess ambient light in a particular area and adjust the brightness of the illumination to ensure that we create a safe environment without overcompensation," Orr said.
Mr. Auhl said that technology within the force allowed them to return the use of statistical data and damage information to the Committee's base.
"It has begun to show that Piri Street has more nighttime activities than we expected," he said. "There is real-
Time monitoring for each lighting head.
Mr. Orr said it was the first time these lights had been tested in Australia.
Like the introduction of all new technologies, he said, the City Council is only testing parts of the city to see if expansion is feasible.
"We want to see that the type of international interest we see shifts to the context of Adelaide," he said.
Orr said that if the results prove to be beneficial, the committee will consider introducing smart LED units, of which standard LED units have been proposed.
The trial began on 16 May and will last for five weeks. Topics:science-and-
Technology, Local-
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