a night garden can really make the perfect end to a great day; gardening. - small solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-27
a night garden can really make the perfect end to a great day; gardening.  -  small solar garden lights
NARRATOR: Hannah Stephenson's "Our Garden" may look energetic during the day, but at night, as the light fades, our outdoor space and the color, tone and aroma of certain plants change, and they show different air.
The Garden Center rose at night. -
According to new research, flowering plants show that we spend most of the night outdoors.
Almost a third do gardening. (
Not just watering.
According to a survey of more than 3,000 people commissioned by Grant Whisky, 70% socialize in the garden after dark.
With that in mind, rewards-
The award-winning gardener and TV host Chris Beardshaw created three blueprints for the perfect garden.
Chris said: "When night falls, gardens are often the most energetic and tense.
In many cases, the fragrance of perfume will be enhanced. The quality of light will increase an extra vitality, whether from sunset or sunlight.
"Just add a couple of nights. -
Flowering plants, subtle lights, and using white or light materials whenever possible will reflect the moonlight and have a real impact on your pleasure of walking out of the garden in a few hours.
"So, how can you make full use of your night garden?
First, choose your color carefully.
Hot red and oranges can be dazzling during the day, but not at night, so use white and cream to balance your palette to reflect light.
Good choices include pure white cosmic purity, purple digitalis Alba, white hair digitalis and silver blankets. (snow-in-summer)A Vigorous Person-
Form a perennial plant that produces silvery hairy leaves and white flowers when flowering. Night-
Blooming plants include narcissus(white campion)
A wild flower with delicate late-scented white flowers, White Ipumoa. (moonflower), a night-
The relatives of the blooming morning glory, and Mirabilis Jalapa, also known as 4 o'clock, a Peruvian, provided two kinds of horns. -
Shaped flowers and jasmine fragrance. For a mid-
Chris suggests, "Sow Hardy's annual plants, and they enter their gardens at night. -scented stock.
If you use a farmhouse garden to mix seeds to grow quickly, you will be rewarded with flowers during the summer vacation.
"Lighting is also important.
You can hang a magic lamp on a woven willow tree structure or use sunlight to emit atmospheric light.
If you have a small garden or just a rooftop terrace, highlight the plants you own to create a dramatic effect.
By carefully positioning the lights, you can form a contour on the wall, which helps give the impression of a larger space.
If you have a screen in your garden, or if you want to cover the wall, use aromatic climbing plants like jasmine, which will grow in the flowers.
Candles can also be hung on glass displays for extra soft lighting.
Chris suggests that if you have a bigger garden, plant flower beds and flower beds with plants in the white and blue spectrum to help reflect the moonlight and make the garden look brighter.
Plant scented rock climbing plants near your house, such as honeysuckle, and enjoy the fragrance coming out of open windows, or greet you when you step on the terrace. CAPTION(S): DRAMATIC. . .
After work, the evening garden is very social.
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