a brighter outlook: garden lighting explained - solar powered flood lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-10
a brighter outlook: garden lighting explained  -  solar powered flood lights
In winter, you can eat it by sneaking into the greenhouse at night. -too-
Literally, holding the torch on a wet road is an accident waiting to happen.
This year it makes me think more about outdoor lighting, which is important in many ways.
The trend towards large glass areas in the interior means that a large amount of black can be seen at night - sometimes a rather sinister feeling - but this can also be alleviated by illuminating adjacent external spaces.
Some homeowners also feel lower and safer. -
Horizontal lighting can distinguish their boundaries.
The good news is, keep a low profile. -
Voltage cables are simple and inexpensive because they do not require deep burial and protection. (
Go through it with a spade and it won't hurt mice.
Therefore, the introduction of exquisite lamps is not a big problem. -
Garden Lighting: Best of all, it's not just about safety and security: Lighting can really change a space. With the development of LED lighting, it allows you to use compact and cautious lamps. It doesn't make your garden look like Runway 2 at Heathrow Airport, which makes it much cheaper to run. Consider Steve Avery's point of view. The changes in garden lighting are very fast. (lightideas. co. uk). LED (light-emitting diode)bulbs (
The industry is known as lamps and lanterns.
He told me that not only is it cheap to run, but it also has a much longer life than halogen lamps. (about 5-10 times)
About 50,000 hours.
The quality and color of light are now warm and white, similar to halogen lamps, but halogen lamps emit more heat, which can discolor nearby leaves.
Illuminate the outside with the brightest thing in the sun-
Power lamp emits some light on ECO-
Friendly bulbs always open the eyes of several manufacturers. (detaillighting. co. uk;
John Crowling. co. uk)
Making Accessories(
About 50 mm/2 in diameter)with a one-
Watt light emitting diodes provide a very effective light output size and beautiful cautious use.
When choosing your lights and accessories, be sure to check if you can replace them, just as with some usually cheaper accessories, you have to throw the whole thing away when the lights are on.
The first decision is whether to hire a lighting designer or do it alone with an electrician.
I can often tell if a designer has been used: the effect is subtle and there is no chance to stumble and do things you don't want to do.
I've been working with Piero de Makis, a lighting consultant recently. (detaillighting. co. uk)
He also has all kinds of accessories.
Del Piero estimates that his design cost is usually about 10% of the lighting budget.
A common observation is that consultants specify a large number of accessories, but as Piero said, they do tend to be cautious, of course, not everyone's night vision is the same.
When you start thinking about your external lighting plan, determine what you want the lights to do.
Safety, access, theatre and activities are the main functions.
For example, the accessory to the entrance may be a low-light to remind you that someone is coming and to provide a safe passage.
At the same time, you may focus your attention on the wall at the entrance of the house to raise an attractive height, so add a little light to the "theatre". Down-
Installing a lighter in a shade in an outdoor dining area allows you to spend several more hours a year in the garden.
You can also consider partitioning the lights, so some lights will be on every night, and some will only be on when you press the switch.
Deciding on accessories is an interesting part.
If you are lighting the garden path, you can choose fashionable aluminum or stainless steel. -
Steel circular lamp is only 50mm(2in)
Hold your pavement in diameter.
The Fable of Detailed Lighting(£40)
That's the one.
If your road has been built(
Make the modification a little complicated.
You can place them on adjacent grasslands or on adjacent borders with sharp lights.
Peak lights are movable, which is useful. Hunza (hunzaeurope. com)
A New Zealand manufacturer supplies high-end products in the market and produces twig lamps with thin rods of only 25mm. (1in)in diameter.
Their accessories will be more than twice their DIY stores, but they have a 10-year warranty. (
Stainless steel and copper fittings)
Or five years of gunpowder-
Aluminum-plated accessories.
Another option for you may be to go up. -
Illuminate trees on either side with prickly lights or lights.
The angle of light projection may vary. a 60-
Degree angle will submerge a vast area. (a bushy shrub), whereas a 15-
The degree angle produces a slender beam of light. -
Perhaps to highlight a narrow pencil cypress.
Between 30-degree lamp (
Popular choices)
A distinct medium beam of light will be projected.
Another method is to install a high lamp on the tree near the path to produce the Moonlight effect and bring smooth and soft light to the surface.
It is also important to emphasize the steps.
I like small round lamps. (Allegra)
Set in adjacent walls(If so).
Mini "eyelids" like O'Britt's from Hansa's eyelids are also good.
They have eyelids. -
Type feature, it will guide the light downward, so that it will not dazzle you.
As for theatrical effects, in addition to spotlights or other functions, you can consider shadow lighting: this is where you project light onto trees or sculptures, so it projects shadows onto the back wall to increase theatrical effects.
The light in the mirror is delicate, but it looks dazzling.
It is produced by illuminating distant objects, such as trees or sculptures, which are then reflected into adjacent pools.
If you have a favorite feature, such as a bench or ashtray, cross-lighting, it's also good to put two spotlights in front of either side.
Backlight, created by the light behind the focus, highlights the outline of the object.
As the weather improves, you don't have to use any technology.
If you have a balcony, the simplest lighting solution is dramatic and atmospheric: just use large chandeliers, such as a beautiful zinc lamp in a garden. (
In the garden. co. uk; £144)
Day and night "promotion" aisles.
The lighting is worth seeing before you buy it.
Some companies send a sales representative to show you the accessories. Light Ideas (hunzaeurope.
Com, importer of Hunza)
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