83 money-saving products: reduce energy, water, and maintenance expenses. - integrated solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-06
83 money-saving products: reduce energy, water, and maintenance expenses.  -  integrated solar led street light
FMS is often asked to do more with less money. --
We found 83 products that can help you maximize your budget.
These solutions are chosen by building editors to help you save Department expenses.
Lighting Improvement HVAC Fixed Water-saving Roof Application Energy-saving Measures Safety and Security Function Residents Choose Maintenance Solution Funds-
The improvement of product lighting is omitted, and the ANLM79 efficiency of elusive LED Highbay series lighting lamps is as high as 109 lumens/watt, increasing by 21% of the excess models.
Designed to replace 175-
The 1,000-watt-high compartments, which can be adapted to 90140190 and 430W models, are carefully designed and are being replaced by metal halides.
Standard and high-
CrimeModel is provided, both of which are DLC-
Qualification and Title 24-compliant.
Highbays led by Elucent of ATG Electronics. Circle 183. www. atgelectronics.
Very suitable for parking applications, this energy-
Efficient LED Model contains an additional-wide-
Angular light distribution reduces the number of lights needed in the garage and provides uniform lighting.
The length is 2 feet, 4 feet or 8 feet, and the lumen package ranges from 3950 lumens to 1900 lumens.
Compared with fluorescent lamps or high intensity gas discharge (HID), it saves up to 65% of energy, ensures a fast return on investment, and reduces maintenance requirements with a service life of 60,000 hours.
Optional wihubb technology can achieve stricter control.
LXEP LED parking lot closed and sealed lamps provided by Colombia Lighting Company. Circle 184. www.
Columbus Lighting.
This advanced light-duty engine can be customized according to the traditional engine pillar and is suitable for modification or new structure. -
The top fixture is due to its modifiable mounting plate. DLC-
Authentication and IP66-
Rated power, to meet the requirements of a variety of energy rebates, with a fully sealed optical chamber and adjustable height.
Avistais has 41W or 57W models with color temperature of 3000, 4000 or 5000K.
Avista is made by Amarux. Circle 186. www. amerlux.
Com-Uniquad is a semi-transparent panel system for lighting. It is a unified assembly of two insulating panels and an interlocking connection, without any adhesive.
Removable skin technology protects the inner panel from weather, ultraviolet radiation, shock and other hazards, while allowing for the re-placement of the outer panel as needed.
Features include a 12-foot span, pressure management to prevent water penetration, and standard 0 insulation. 22 U-value.
Uniquad provided by CPI lighting system. Circle 186. www. cpidaylighting.
Comcree CR Smartcast with adjustable color temperature is a lighting control solution, which can improve the performance and color temperature adjustability of LED.
The wireless system itself-
Compared with fluorescent lamps, the program and energy consumption can be reduced by more than 70%, which is about half of the cost of traditional lighting control.
Troffer can choose the color temperature from 30000K to 5000K with an increment of 500K, providing more control over lighting performance.
CRE CR Smartcast can adjust the color temperature through CRE. Circle 187. www. cree. com The Pow-R-
Command the smart distribution panel to integrate lighting control and branch circuit protection in one housing.
Full range of lighting control, dimming and lighting functions can reduce lighting energy consumption by up to 41% and lighting power consumption by 10%.
It includes a digital switching network scheme, which provides local connection points for occupying sensors, light level sensors and adjustable light ballasts.
Controller uses on-board pre-loading-
Configured pages allow users to plan changes, monitor status, and cover lighting area settings. POW-R-
Eaton commands the smart switchboard. Circle 188. www. eaton.
COM Eyenut is a wireless lighting control and monitoring system-
It has been debugged and can be installed in new buildings or renovation applications without professional engineers.
The system has unlimited scalability and can control 500 devices from a wireless gateway without restriction on the number of gateways.
Lamps can be managed separately or in groups.
Control and building management system integration to determine the most effective use of lighting.
Eyenut, Harvard Institute of Engineering. Circle 189. www. harvardeng.
Replace 150 W to 250W metal halide fixtures in parking garages with 8-to 15-
Compared with traditional products, GSL LED can provide 72% energy-saving effect.
The lamp has two capacities ranging from 4500 to 6100 and 81 lumens per watt.
Including symmetrical and asymmetrical high performance components that can be configured in situ to optimize photometry.
Vertical fin-shaped cast aluminium shell is used to maximize heat dissipation.
GSL led by Hubble Outdoor Lighting Company. Circle 190. www. hubbelloutdoor.
Com Acculite Hi series LED high brightness lamps can provide lighting up to 24,000 lumen with efficiency up to 108 im/w.
All versions offer 4000K color temperature and 80 CRI.
LED lamps save 57% than HID lamps, 22% than linear fluorescent lamps, and their service life can reach 100,000 hours.
Includes on-board motion sensors, which can be configured to turn on/off or high/low.
Internal reflective optical elements mounted on a single LED ensure correct alignment and consistent performance.
Acculite Hi series LED high brightness lamps produced by Juno Lighting Group. Circle 191. www.
United Lighting Group. com Circle 188. www. eaton. com Motion-
Sensor-controlled BI-
When a space appears, horizontal LED lighting will provide ampere lighting and reduce brightness to save the remaining time.
These LED lamps can provide a variety of lighting. -
Lighting or standby level.
The backup power of 2 is as low as 3W. -foot model.
The new LED driver allows the installer to adjust-
On-site output photovoltaic level and metals-
Compared with most fiberglass composite boards, core printed circuit boards work at lower temperatures.
Produced by Lamar Lighting Company. Circle 192. www. lamarlighting.
Nora Lighting Company-
LED panel provides energy saving and maintenance saving, while providing comfortable and uniform lighting on the working surface.
Milky white lenses make it possible to-on-the-
The eyes sparkled, not as bright as the LED.
These panels save energy because they provide more lumen per watt and reduce labor. -
There is no need to light frequently, and because there is no heating, the cooling cost is saved.
The life of LED is more than 10 years, and it is DLC. -Approval and Insurer Laboratory-listed. EDGE-
The LED panel is lit by Nora lighting device. Circle 193. www. noralighting.
Energy Star of com-maxlite-
There is no problem with the certified LED man-made cans. -to-
Install alternative embedded tube lamp.
They boarded Astand 4. -
An inch junction box without a large tank eliminates the cost of opening and repairing dry wall ceilings.
Optional mounting brackets allow for energy transformation of existing embedded tanks. -efficient LED.
The fixture is wet. -
Listed, suitable for any application requiring barrel lamp, equivalent to 75W PAR 30 halogen lamp. Available in 4-and 6-
Inch diameter, 13W and 15W output respectively.
MaxLite's LED man-made cans. Circle 194. www. maxlite.
The Maistro product of COM Lutron combines occupancy sensing and dimming functions in a high level-end trim. The 0-
10V controllable driver or fluorescent ballast.
Passive Infrared(PIR)
Sensing technology detects subtle movements, including turning pages.
Because of the multifunction of the equipment, the installation is simplified.
Intelligent ambient light detection automatically learns the user's preferred lighting level in space and turns on the light only when there is not enough daylight.
Maestro dimmer sensor Bylutron Electronics. Circle 195. www. lutron.
A fixture for LED tube lamp meets the standard 4x4J-
Box and Harness is an alternative to embedded product settings in which the height of the pressurized air supply system is challenging or fire regulations restrict the use of receivers.
7 Options-
Inch round and square versions, LBSLeafeatures intuitive snapshot-
In a system that makes FlushMount easy to install.
Users only need to install snapshots-
In the adapter, connect the wires and press the fixture into position with a level mounting clamp.
LBSLEDA under anterior colonoscopy. Circle 196. www. prescolite.
COM AR111 is 12.
5W LED lamp, instead of 50-120W halogens.
Its optical technology produces an 8. -
Degree Narrow Point Version with cbcp(
Candle power of central beam
20,000 Candela.
LED has a variety of light output and color temperature, using violet. -Emission3-Phosphor (VP3)
Color rendering technology.
As an effective choice for retail applications, these lamps are compatible with a wide range of closed and non-closed lamps. -
Indoor and outdoor ventilation equipment. AR111 by SORAA. Circle 197. www. soraa. Put this screw in. -
In the replacement of LED for HID and fluorescent lamp bulb, ballast or core components need not be replaced, and can be started in only a few minutes.
It can be used to refit any HID lamps, including metal halides and mercury vapor lamps up to 1000 watts.
The output power is 1000 watts and the efficiency is 140 lumens/watt.
Applications include street lights, high and low compartments, pipes, canopies and utilities.
9760 directional lumens were produced at 82:00. 5 CRI.
Ballast direct Ezer hose-
Eighty are led by the Photon Laboratory. Circle 198. www. photoniclabs. com MONEY-
Energy-saving products HVAC fixes these expanded capacity energy wheels to help energy recovery ventilation systems prerequisite fresh outdoor air at 25% of the cost of traditional HVAC.
This kind of gear train can be assembled in three hours, which saves considerable manpower in eight hours for wheels of different structures.
Segmented design is easy to disassemble, clean and replace. Welded stainless steel structure and proprietary energy transfer material can resist corrosion.
The maximum is 60000 cfm.
Expanding capacity wheels through air exchange. Circle 199. www. airxchange. com The Low-
Maintain the humidification system by combining the reverse osmosis system with the electric humidifier on the same pry.
The system uses a controller interface to set up, view and adjust the functions of humidification and water treatment through building automation system.
When a service or component replacement is required, a notification message is sent to alert the user.
Remove more than 98% of dissolved solids to prevent scaling-
Increase and extend the interval between humidifier maintenance.
Reverse osmosis system has an extractable component and accessible design, which can shorten maintenance time by more than 50%. LOW-
Maintain the humidification system with Dristeem. Circle 203. www. dristeem.
COM range 8-
14 feet in diameter, essentially a custom fan for commercial space, using gearless direct-
Drive the motor to ensure necessary operation and maximum comfort.
The energy cost can be reduced by 30% when the fan works with the existing HVAC system. -round.
In summer, fan air cooling indoor environment, reduce the dependence on mechanical air conditioning.
In winter, fans can slow down and blow hot air off the ceiling. Built-
The fan speed is adjusted automatically according to the temperature reading.
The essence of big ass fans. Circle 200. www. bigassfans.
Companklet is an ego-
Level the coating of HVAC panel, so that the system can resume operation within 8 hours after use.
It solidifies into a smooth enamel surface, resists fungi and bacteria, fills in an unsmooth surface, and eventually forms a corroded finished product. -
It can be waterproof even under water.
Durable coatings are designed to extend the service life of HVAC units, so users need not worry about further corrosion or re-application.
Concrete is made by controlled release technology. Circle 201 www. cleanac. Take these high-
According to a field study conducted by the Ministry of Energy, compared with traditional gas heaters, efficient gas heaters use 20% less gas.
The equipment dealers and suppliers studied in the study reduced their warehouse consumption from 8798 kcal to 1797 kcal per year, saving $1439 per year.
Additional options and customized design can increase the cost savings to 40-70%.
In addition to saving space for heating, the burner can also meet minimum ventilation requirements by introducing 100% outdoor air.
SA250 Direct Gas-
Cambridge Engineering's Flame Space Heater. Circle 202. www. cambridge-eng.
These VRF outdoor units have a high profile. -
Shell design creates a more compact unit with the same capacity output and higher reliability in cold climates.
Allowable Refraction in LG Multi-V IV Device-
Cycle customization to match the climate and provide heating during defrosting cycles.
Steam injection technology is as low as-13 degrees F.
The oil is returned to the compressor through a separate inlet tube to ensure that the compressor energy is used only for compressing refrigerants.
LG Electronics's Multi-V IVVRF. Circle 204. www. lghvac.
Fujitsu Haricon 33 series heat pump is a kind of air-to-
Air heat pump with 33 SEER.
The models include 9000, 12000 and 15000 BTUs, up to 14.
2 hspf, the rated Energy Star efficiency of the whole line is the highest.
Features: no remote control, ion deodorizer filter, sleep timer, 24-
Hourtimer, drying mode, 4-
Road automatic shutters, and automatic mode.
It also includes energy. -
Preservation program that uses motion sensor to automatically adjust temperature according to occupancy.
Fujitsu 33 series heat pump produced by Fujitsu Company. Circle 205. www. fujitsugeneral.
Com The Climate Pro 18 Portable Heat Pump Integrates Cooling and Heating-contained unit.
Compact systems are 13% smaller and 22% lighter than similar heat pumps, but their performance is significantly improved.
The cooling capacity of Climate Pro 18 is 14600 Btus/h and the heating capacity is 13700 Btus/h.
Large LCD Screen Display Diagnosis and Procedures-by-
Step instructions for starting, setting, or restoring operations.
MOVINCOOL's limate Pro 18 portable heat pump. Circle 206. www. movincool.
Com hail net protects RTU radiator and external intake filter to protect external intake.
Light weight and ultraviolet radiation-
Protect outdoor installation, deflect aerial objects and hail.
It is made of hard black polymers and diamonds. -
Shaped openings provide sufficient air flow.
Installation clamp is opened for routine maintenance.
This material can be cut to a certain size with scissors or self-closing knives.
Hail protection net. Circle 207. www. permatron.
Inverter Power Supply-
Driving technology, model R6GI is cooling-
Efficient gas pack, providing 20 SEER and 81% AFUE.
There are two rooms. -
5 tons, suitable for light industrial applications.
The unit can be lowered to 32% of the full load to ensure that only the appropriate cooling capacity is available to save energy costs.
This helps building owners reduce utility costs, especially during the shoulder season.
The R6Gi model is designed by Reznor. Circle 208. www. reznorhvac.
Thermostat protection devices with key locks protect thermostats and energy sensors from unauthorized access.
The cover is mounted directly above the device for flushing. -
Installed application. Its 1/8-inch-
Thickpolysicate can prevent abuse, accidental damage and tampering, so that devices within the public reach can be used normally.
The holes in the frame allow free air flow to properly operate the protected thermostat and prevent tampering with the dial and lever.
The thermostat protection device with key lock is locked by STL circle 210. www. sti-usa. com Air-
FI is a wireless technology that replaces wired building control. Its self-
Repair grid technology has redundant signal paths to prevent communication failures and provides a typical 200-
Foot indoor signal range.
Based on ZigBee platform and Bacnet OpenStandards, wireless sensors can be easily moved or replaced to solve problems related to sensing accuracy, aesthetics or reconfiguration space.
There is no safety risk to air. -
FI is because it uses an independent network with building IT systems. AIR-FI by TRANE. Circle 211. www. trane. com MONEY-
Product-saving and water-saving Flood Buzz Pro is easy-to-
Use a leak alarm with three internal alarms-
Years battery and preset programming eliminates installation time.
Just put the alarm next to any potential leak location and leave.
There are three models, one of which is specially used for condenser disc.
All sounds A 110 or 90-
When water is detected, 95 dB alarm helps users find and repair leaks before causing serious damage.
Flood Buzz Pro of Prototype Co. , Ltd. Circle 209. www. Flooding alarm.
EQ series is an electronic faucet series, which can learn from users over time and adjust to ensure reliable performance.
The water column opens when needed and closes immediately after removal, saving up to 77% of the water and eliminating operation. -
ONS and Ghost activation.
Solenoid valves, power modules and hybrid valves are installed in a compact box under the sink with only two screws.
Accumulator, AC Plug-in or hard-
Cable, or your own-
Provide continuous power system.
EQ series electronic faucets are made from Chicago faucets. Circle 212. www. chicagofaucets.
Comparing with the traditional lotus head, Com's design saves 40% of the water and Delta's adjustable water. -
Use H20 network technology to enlarge shower head, reduce the use of water, feel very high. -
Pressure display experience.
Shower heads include multiple water settings and H20Kinetic functions, and can also be used for hand grenades, body spraying and spray.
Lotus head is compatible with calcium green and water-sensitive label, flowing in 1. 5 and 2.
0 gallons per minute.
Including oneself-
Clean design of lime accumulation is not allowed.
Delta adjustable water-
The H20KINET technology of Delta faucet was used to enlarge the shower head. Circle 213. www. deltafaucet.
COM needs 75-
Sprinkler head reduced by 85% and 75%. -
Compared with the traditional irrigation system, the underground pipeline of irrigation and greening irrigation system is reduced by 85%, which not only keeps the landscape lush, but also reduces the water consumption.
The system uses a digital control spray, with only one nozzle per area to provide a consistent 0.
For every sprinkler that rotates, 50% less water is used per 05 inches of water than in traditional irrigation systems.
It can be used with mobile applications that allow remote system control via smartphones.
Irrigation Genius Irrigation System. Circle 214. www. irrigreen.
COM porous pavement design has 29% of the void space.
It allows up to 6300 gallons of water per square foot per hour to drain directly through its surface, penetrate into a compacted aggregate base, and then slowly filter to the ground below.
Pervious concrete, by contrast, drains only 300 gallons per square foot per hour.
The product minimizes the cost of meeting rainwater regulations.
Porous paving ring 215. www. porouspaveinc.
Pipeline of crown piston flusher includes sensor and manually operated urinal model, flushing temperature is 0. 125 or 0. 25 gpf. Theseultra-
Efficient models can be used as a complete alternative or can be adapted to the existing 0.
5 GPF flush valve to save extra water.
The series also offers a No. 1 toilet. 6 gpf or 1.
28GPF uses enhanced piston design to improve flow efficiency and 0. 5 gpf and 1.
0 GPF urinal model.
Sloan's Crown Flush Meter. Circle 216. www. sloanvalve.
ZURN efficient toilet and carrier system reduces water consumption and improves line load-carrying performance. Using only 1.
A gallon of flushing water saves 31% of the water in toilets compared with federal standards. 6 gpf systems.
Hydraulic optimization design is adopted to reduce blockage. Its 3-
Inch panel orifice and coupling combination drive waste through optimized waterways in fittings. Third-
Party verification confirms that the system can evacuate more than twice the traditional 1. 28 gpf systems.
Zurich High Efficiency Toilet and Loading System provided by Zurich Industrial Group. Circle217. www. zurn. com MONEY-
Energy-saving roof application is a lighting and control system that helps buildings combine natural light with minimal lighting. -
Relevant electrical use.
Designed to replace the aging Butler-Wright* system, it can also be used for other MR modifications. -24 or CMR-24 roof system. Its self-
The roadside design effectively prevents seepage, and the acrylic dome inhales more light around the day than other designs, so the visible light transmittance value is 0. 68.
Butler's backlighting system. Circle 218. www. butlermfg.
Average construction costs range from $50,000 to $50,000. -
Permanent anti-falling devices can prevent expensive accidents without affecting the performance of building shell system components.
The assessment process takes into account the structure, process and personnel activities of the facility to identify the risk of falling and effectively reduce the risk.
It includes the layout design and load calculation carried out by professional engineers, as well as the comprehensive training of project managers on the operation and use of the system.
Permanent anti-falling device. C. TAYLOR CO. Circle 219. www. dctaylorco.
COM has at least 1000 pounds per inch of tensile strength and over 16% elongation. Stressply Max FR mineral is a durable dual-reinforced SBS and SIS modified asphalt film product.
Designed to provide 40 years of waterproof protection.
A special mineral coating provides 80% reflectivity to prevent ultraviolet damage and eliminates the need for future coatings.
Combine SBS with isRubber and Kevlar fibers to resist cracking and tearing.
The maximum stress mineral produced by Galan Company. Circle 220. www. garlandco.
Com CrossGrip provides a safe access to roof services while protecting the cover from pedestrian traffic.
It is recommended for flat roof walkways along PVC, TPO and EPDM membranes, as well as asphalt roofs around HVAC and maintenance areas.
Provide excellent sliding cover-
It has impermeability grade of non-porous PVC surface and is suitable for strong underground cracks.
It's perfect for all weather conditions, especially on roofs with wind speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.
For larger wind, the connection ring can be used to fix.
McNichols Cross Grip roof walkway. Circle221. www. mcnichols.
The Sikaplan adhesion system is a single one. -
Low-rise PVC roof membrane-
Slope application.
It combines water. -based and low-
Sounds with adhesive membranes.
The film has an internal glass fiber reinforced to provide dimensional stability and connection safety to resist mechanical stresses from wind uplifts.
The system can also be used when all other roof components are bonded, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners, which can lead to thermal bridging.
Sikapanadhed system provided by Sika Sarnafil. Circle 222. usa. sarnafil. sika. com MONEY-
Energy-saving products and energy-saving measures There are three insulated overhead steel doors-inch-
Thick polyurethane foam plastics in three
Sandwich Format of R-Layer Steel-value of 22.
Each part has a continuous closure. -
4 types of cell foam lap joints are sealed. 75-
Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) Astragalus has the best weather resistance in extreme high temperature and cold applications.
Doors include 14-
Specification hinge, commercial 10-
Steel ball roller, 10000-
Circulating torsion spring.
It can be up to 30 feet wide and can provide 2 inches with three times the belt width. -
Pane insulating windows are available in different sizes.
Clopidol 37303-
The polyurethane thermal insulation steel door for foot is made of chlorinated building products. Circle 223. www. clopaydoor.
COM Ecylpse Connection System Controller is a platform that provides ACnet/IP, wired and wireless IP connection and integrates building management system and IT network.
It includes automatic control and connection server, two Ethernet ports, two USB ports, power supply and I/O modules.
Using Standard Internet and Web-
Data-based services allow existing IT infrastructure to be occupied and communication services to be migrated to a single application.
The connected system controller is connected to enviysion through distech control. Circle 224. www. distech-controls.
Combuildings is an operating system that links all measurement and construction systems online. It is vendor-
Agnosticism is the ability to collect data from any public instrument, sub-instrument or control system.
The centralized repository of building data allows users to access from a single interface.
Facility optimization software provides trend analysis, load distribution analysis, building comparison and thermal graph analysis.
Dedication AppsProvide Real-
Provide time feedback to building tenants to enable them to participate in energy management.
Lucid architecture. Circle 228. www.
Lucid de Sign Group Inc.
Com Xleratoreco uses "no heat" technology to dry hands at 500W power, which reduces the cost by 95%. paper towels.
Units draw up to four.
5 amperes and multiple dryers can be installed in one circuit to reduce installation time and create a typical one-year recovery period.
It consumes 30% less energy than toughness. -
Style hand dryers and 80% less energy than traditional dryers only need 10 hands. -15 seconds.
Xleratoreco by Excel dryer. Circle 225. www. exceldryer.
Encelium Wireless Energy Management System extends lighting control to hard control-to-
Get to the location and simplify the installation.
Based on ZigBee Pro network stack, it includes wireless manager, sensor, wall station and control module for connecting lamps.
Encelium devices are integrated with Encelium Polaris 3D lighting management software and can be accessed anytime, anywhere through Internet connections. 3-
D color gradient visualization provides efficiency and data savings.
Encellium wireless energy management system using OSRAM. Circle 226. www. osram-americas.
COM Axess Elite with Axess Manager is an IP-
Addressable, surge-
Eliminate power management system to make-
Time monitoring of distribution platform.
The solution can use remote access to customize, synthesize and monitor the various sockets and power settings on integrated devices.
The ability to use intelligent scheduling and detection of power supply problems, which are still small, can make the system longer life and save replacement and maintenance costs.
Axess elite cooperated with axess manager through ESP / surgex. Circle 227. www. espei.
Com Schindler 5500 is a modular passenger elevator that can be configured and optimized according to your needs.
Eliminate computer room, save valuable building space and shorten installation time.
The regenerative drive can save 30% energy than the traditional elevator.
The speed of traction media and control system is 200-
500 feet per minute, 350 feet high, 33 stops.
Capacity range 2100-
5,000 pounds, which allows the company to handle more passengers and cargo without sacrificing passenger quality.
Schindler 5500 is provided by Schindler Elevator. Circle 229. www. us. schindler.
ComTrutankless is an electric water heater that provides endless hot water up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
Small area(17. 2 x 23. 8 x 5. 5inches)
It saves space, and because it does not require ventilation, the equipment can be installed almost anywhere.
Up to 32 units can be connected together, which is suitable for almost any application.
Includes an application that enables the device manager to view the real world remotely-
Time data and adjust personal temperature settings.
If Aleck happens, the unit will also be shut down.
No Trutankless. Circle 230. www. trutankless.
COM veredri is a very high one-
ADA and HASA 12 compliant fast drying cell phones-Second drying time.
It uses efficient particle filtration system and antimicrobial technology to keep the toilet clean. The surface-
Mounted Unit consumes only 950 watts of power, saving up to 30% of its energy costs compared with traditional models.
Verdelri spends an average of 7 cents per 200 heating cycles and only 4 cents per 200 non-heating cycles.
Adjustable II-
Speed motor control and general voltage function are compatible with any bathroom environment.
Wildley, the world's dryer. Circle 231. www. worlddryer. com MONEY-
Save the safety function of the product-
Cutting Electrical Dead Angle, Easily Modified to Standard Adams Ritual MS-
Prepared aluminium entrance door.
It combines non--
Hands, narrow retrogression, mechanical locking hardware with electrified access control, a simple choice of magnetic locks or outlet devices. Two-
Waywing technology enables the latch to accommodate any swing of the door and makes 15-
Minimal installation without cutting or drilling.
Rated continuous operation.
Optional intelligent monitoring function provides electrical indication of lock safety.
Steel Eagle 4300 is powered by Adams Ritual bolt. Circle 232. www. adamsrite.
Communication Intelligent Wireless Integrated Fire Fighting Technology(SWIFT)
The detection system provides fire protection without connecting wires between each detector and pull station.
The system runs on the mesh network, which increases redundancy and reliability. The unique network IDS event communication errors and inherent frequency hopping can prevent system interference.
A wireless gateway can serve up to 50 devices, including optoelectronics, light/heat, standard heat and rate. -of-
Rise the thermal detector and monitor module.
Honeywell Intelligent Wireless Integrated Fire Protection Technology. Circle 233. www. honeywell.
Compared with competitors'HD1080, Quasar 4K HD cameras provide 250 million pixels per second with 30% less storage space and four times more detail. -
High quality videos are expensive.
Its 4K display is clearer than traditional 10Mpcameras, and its storage cost is 60% lower than similar solutions.
Including an advanced low-light sensor, the technology can be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications and integrated infrared lighting to prevent damage.
Quasar 4K High Definition Camera Bydvtel, Inc. Circle 234. www. dvtel.
With Solveil's high-definition megapixel camera, users can achieve high resolution. -
Resolution video coverage in peripheral and outdoor areas enhances security and operational monitoring.
The camera provides 720 million pixels of resolution with a configurable frame rate of up to 15 frames per second.
Integrate wireless and solar functions without wiring.
It meets the global unauthorized open radio frequency.
The device can capture and transmit up to half of real-time video. -
Charging a mile at a time can last up to five days.
Solveil HD by Micropower Technologies Inc. Circle 235. www. micropower.
COM virtual security server can provide secure and centralized video management function to any location at any time without deploying other graphics. -enabled PCs.
This method allows the management of VMS administration on site or remotely, and allows the use of existing PCs or thin clients for security monitoring, thus saving costs.
Infrastructure enhances mobility by providing access to VMS via any Web-
Enabled devices include smartphones and tablets.
Virtual security servers listed in Pivot3. Circle 236. www. pivot3.
ComFaast XT is an inspiratory smoke detector covering 28800 square feet. Includes a two-
Optical room, USB connection, three-
Speed-adjustable fans, four-
Entrance design is suitable for various applications. Three-
Stage filtration and ultrafiltration-
Acoustic airflow sensing ensures accuracy.
Particles below 0 can be detected.
Cover 0. 046% per foot.
LCD provides easy state reading and device operation.
Faast XT is provided by system sensors. Circle 240. www. systemsensor. com The D14-180 is a 7-
Provide A180 Megapixel Day and Night Camera-
View angle, no fisheye distortion.
It can capture conditions as low as 0.
02 Lux, no auxiliary lighting.
The device processes more than 100 million pixels per second and provides an omni-directional situational awareness image with up to four zoom windows.
D14 can provide 720p high at the same time-
Defined video streams up to 15 FPS or full resolution(5120x1280)
A video stream of 1 frame per second. D14-
180 Bayesian imaging. Circle 237. www. scallopimaging.
Compared with traditional power supply, this kind of power supply can save up to A99% energy.
The plug-in lock assembly integrates four traditional electromagnetic locks into a whole, eliminates wires and mechanical switches, and increases the life of locks from 500,000 to millions of cycles.
The attached power supply enters standby mode when the battery contained in it is powered by the lock, and then activates to charge the battery when the battery capacity reaches 50%.
EcoPower power supply and EcoFlex plug-in lock system are provided by Securiron. Circle 238. www. securitron.
COM immix cloud is a video-
Based on automation platform, each site and command center can merge video, access control, audio and alarm events into a single control point.
This allows users to gain instant situational awareness through remote monitoring functions.
This solution utilizes and integrates existing security systems to reduce operating costs while enhancing the security of all enterprise locations.
The cloud is immixed through SureView system. Circle239. www. SureView system. com The IK-WR31A is a 3-
Megapixel IP hemispheric camera can replace TOSIx standard resolution camera. Its vandal-
Dust resistance-
Waterproof rooms can meet the needs of schools, prisons, parking lots and surrounding applications.
Functional intelligent codec H.
264 Video Compression, Automatic Adjustment of Light Intensity and Edge of Adaptive Infrared LED-
Ready for recording-in MicroSD.
It also provides a corridor view that rotates the standard image 90 degrees to enhance the display of corridors, corridors and external walkways. IK-
Toshiba American Information System WR31A. Circle 241. www. Toshiba is safe.
Virtual is a network-
Based on customer access control system.
This subscription-
Service-based eliminates the need for military personnel with software, servers and paperless badges. Pre-
Registered visitors can scan automatically according to the list of prohibited visitors in the building and verify the validity certificates of the insurance of contractors and subcontractors to speed up the inspection. -in process.
Reporting function can track high and low traffic visitor time, so as to arrange security and receptionist more efficiently.
Veristream's I visitor. Circle242. www. veristream.
COM zwipe access biometric card contains an open-
The card fingerprint scanner with 3D capacitance technology is compatible with adjacent devices and smart cards.
Without replacing the existing card reader or software, the card provides two-
Factor biometric authentication has low false rejection rate.
Credentials can be revoked or reallocated through online management tools.
The card is flip-over design with Alanyard slot, which can be personalized according to pressure. -
Sensitive labels for foreman photos, company logos or department codes.
Zwipe accesses biometric cards through zwipe. Circle 243. www. zwipe. com MONEY-
The Calla Ceiling System is a mineral fiber ceiling system that saves product occupancy. It provides a smooth white dry wall appearance combined with aesthetic appearance and acoustic performance.
The panel has abnormal reduction coefficient. (NRC)of 0.
85 and the ceiling attenuation level is 32, providing a healthy sound absorption and insulation combination.
This combination ensures that they can be used in all different spatial types without changing the layout.
Kara's ceiling system is made up of Armstrong's ceiling. Circle 244. www. armstrong.
Com Ecophon has the advantage of fiberglass ceiling system-square-
Film Application of Fused Glass Fiber-
Absorption performance at cost-
Effective mineral fiber ceilings.
The Ecophon Advantage ceiling is rated Class A sound-absorbing material, made of 70% recycled glass and VOC. -compliantplant-
Based on loose-leaf clips, combining style, performance and sustainability.
These ceilings are 100% recyclable and use renewable energy in the manufacturing process.
The advantages of Ecophon are certain. Circle 245. www. certainteed. com WorkFit-T Sit-
Vertical desktop workstations provide ergonomic information-
Independent Solutions for Fully Assembled and Useable Ships-of-the-box.
The workstation is located at the top of the desk, without installation or lighting. The lifting system allows direct up-down movement without removing the surface from the edge of the desk during the transition from the desk. -to-Standing posture.
The device is vertically adjusted to 15 inches. -
Standing ability eliminates the potential need for ergonomic chairs. WORKFIT-T SIT-
Vertical desktop workstation. Circle 246. www. ergotron.
COM FD08 is a hand-held sensor for tracking and calculating the formaldehyde content emitted by office furniture, such as floors, furniture and window decorations.
The device can also measure temperature and relative humidity, and calculate three indicators of formaldehyde, including 8. -hourtime-
Weighted average, 1-
Average hourly, 15-
Minute Short Exposure Limit. Features user-
Specifies a high alert and a minimum/maximum session value.
Accuracy Acceptance Standard Complying with NIOSH+/(5%+0. 03ppm).
FD08 was carried out with general tools and instruments. Circle 247. www. generaltools. com MONEY-
Preserving product software supports Verisae's VX maintenance by providing visibility and control over assets, facilities and contractors to ensure operational savings associated with maintenance activities.
Upload vendor data, enter invoices, and maintain asset registries to simplify work requests.
Tool Recording Equipment--
Detailed information such as threshold, purchase price, warranty date, manufacturer information and maintenance history.
These features can improve fix and
Replace decision-making by providing managers with operational information.
VX is maintained by Verisae. Circle248. www. verisae.
Com-Ascent Compass 1. 2 is a user-
Friendly HVAC software package reduces the steps needed to optimize building systems and improve energy efficiency.
As a component of the Ascent Building Automation suite, the compass uses a navigation tree that allows each user to customize basdisplay to display only functions related to their needs. Context-
Specific menus provide relevant data and tasks, regardless of where the user is in the system.
Trend logs, alerts and timetables are delivered through Web browsers.
Rise Compass 1. 2 by ALERTON. Circle249. www. alerton.
COM Diamond controls allow building administrators to manage multiple rental spaces in the same building, campus settings, and multiple sites.
Trends, reports and analyses reveal the truth. -
Response time of building systems to building, environmental conditions and user behavior.
Controllers can integrate most automation functions in any manufacturer's system.
Display includes occupancy, carbon dioxide, energy generation(solar)
Energy use and humidity.
Mitsubishi Professional Solutions Group(PSG)
Provide all services from initial design to release-
Install bracket.
Diamonds controlled by Mitsubishi Motor. Circle 251. www. mehvac.
COM mobile software applications allow users to send mail reports and read charts in real time while patrolling. -
Time and attach photos to any record.
Maintain electronic records of equipment status, instrumentation and instrumentation readings.
The software has a simple interface and commands, and can be customized.
Free on-site demonstrations containing existing records are available.
LogCheck Mobile Software. Circle 252. www. logcheck.
COM Global Energy Optimization(GEO)is an energy-savings-as-a-
The service model of LED lighting and control allows companies to realize the benefits of energy upgrading without assuming project risks.
The plan provides LED lighting and control improvements, while customers pay less for electricity savings than for local utilities suppliers.
Savings Guarantee is 10-
20% of the energy cost and the project is open to office buildings, warehouses, parking lots and data centers.
Enlightened global energy optimization. Circle 250. www. enlightenedinc. com The self-
The included wireless data logger allows users to access more than 100 data-foot range.
Unlike USB recorders that need to be set and unloaded when connecting to a computer, Hobo MX11011 temperature/humidity data recorders can communicate immediately and require non-dedicated devices other than iOS devices to configure recorders or read data.
There are no cables to be processed, computer software to be installed, equipment to be paired, or Internet access.
Hobo MX1101 Data Recorder. Circle 253. www. onsetcomp.
COM nextiva SMC contains all phases of enterprise security, including-
Time awareness, response and notification, investigation, planning and compliance, and preventive intelligence.
In the whole sensor and system network, organization is indispensable from a unified perspective and workflow.
The solution integrates GPS tracking, MassNotification, license plate recognition, weather, radar, access control, emergency alarm, intrusion detection, fire and video analysis.
Extivasmc of Verint Systems. Circle 254. www. verint.
COM Smart Struxure Lite is an integrated building management system(iBMS)for small-and medium-
Facilities smaller than 100,000 square feet.
This open platform integrates HVAC, lighting, energy and other systems into an interface.
It allows building managers to rapidly improve resource utilization and residential comfort, improve energy efficiency, and promote value throughout the life cycle of the facility.
Based on OpenStandards, the solution integrates existing infrastructure and can absorb new technologies in the future.
Smart Struxure Liteby of Schneider Electric. Circle 255. www.
Schneider Electronics.
COM/US QARVISION is a remote diagnostic instrument for monitoring and evaluating elevators.
It stores information about elevator operation and is accessible to technicians at site or remote locations.
Sensor readings can be compared to detect problems.
The action of acceleration and door can be evaluated from the operation of engine room and drive system. -
Monitor during test driving.
QARVISION remote elevator monitoring adopts QAMLEON technology. Circle 256. www. qameleon.
COM ClassTime software only runs HVAC system when the room is occupied, saving 5-10% on campus-wide energy.
The automatic synchronization between student registration software and BACnet Building automation system can eliminate the need for coordination between administrators and facility managers when the classroom schedule is changed.
The software can be used in conjunction with registration systems such as Banner and PepleSoft.
ClassTime software is provided by facility automation solutions. Circle 257. www.
Facility automation solutions. com MONEY-
Save product maintenance solutions in less than a second, lamp holder 3 can crush fluorescent lamps into recyclable materials, while capturing more than 99.
99% of the steam is released. Installation to 55-
Gallon barrel, system capacity 13504-
The fluorescent lamp on the sole of the foot can also break the U. -tubes and CFLs. Its five-
Stage filtration process can prevent particulate matter and steam emissions. Vehicle control system can assist machine diagnosis, maintenance and filter replacement.
Air Cycle Corporation uses Intelli technology for bulb holder 3. Circle 258. www. aircycle.
Acrovyn sheets on these doors resist high-strength wear and impact. -
Traffic area, leading to research-
Compared with wood, hollow metal and plastic laminates, low life cycle costs were confirmed.
Since most door damage occurs in these areas, the characteristics can be used for additional impact protection.
Options include up to 90 minutes of fire protection level, lead lining, barrier resistance and graphical images.
The standard door is the cradle of bronze certification.
C/S Acrovyn Door Construction Specification. Circle 259. www. c-sgroup.
The mixture of green degradable detergents can quickly dissolve grease and dirt and remove stubborn stains on all surfaces.
This versatility makes it a useful detergent for multiple surfaces and applications, allowing FMS to reduce the number of cleaning products, eliminate special detergents, and reduce inventory costs.
Compared with other formulations, the average green contains more than 40% detergent, more than 30% solvent and more than 20% surfactant for rapid cleaning.
Slow evaporation means that the cleaner is smoke. -free.
Refers to CR brand green industrial strength cleaner and degreaser. Circle260. www. crbrandsinc.
Create a COM OS3 system on top-
Site cleaning and disinfection/disinfection solutions in accordance with EPA regulatory guidelines. The on-
Demand systems use electrolysis, which combines water, electricity and a small amount of salt.
The equipment is designed for most people's closet, small size, simple, affordable.
It reduces the risk of exposure of employees and facility users to chemical pollutants and volatile organic compounds, and reduces dependence on traditional packaging chemicals.
Orbio OS3 is provided by Orbio Technologies. Circle 261. www. orbio.
The P200 electric packer is a kind of waste compressor. It is small enough to be placed in a suitable place to save space.
It uses up to 34,000 pounds of pressure to flush up to 15 yards of loose garbage into 2. -cubic-
Containers in the yard can be handled by any stevedores.
Additional bins are added to help separate waste streams or manage peak periods.
Other options include air purifiers and front or rear loading options. -
The version is being loaded.
Power baler of P200 Bay Waste compactor. Circle 262. www. batccompacts.
ComAcczent Floom is a heterogeneous ethylene floor that provides visual effects in the form of swood, concrete and linen-textured panels and ceramic tiles. This bottom line-
Certified products are mainly phthalates-
Free, with 23% advance-
Consumers recycle ingredients. It uses water-
Low VOC based adhesives.
Compared with other polyurethane flooring-inforced (PUR)
In the construction industry, Acczent can achieve annual savings by reducing labor costs by 17%, water use by 23%, cleaning agents by 83%, and energy consumption by 66%.
Reinforced Polyurethane Surface Treatment and 32-
Mill Wear Resistant Layer, Durable-
Transportation applications.
John Stone blossoms with tar. Circle 263. www. tarkettna.
COM persistent shower system and receiver are completely customizable shower solutions. One-
Solid Surface Design and Decline of Workpiece-
Installation time can be shortened to one hour.
Size, options and depth can be customized, because all showers are in-house. Features anon-
Porous and antimicrobial solid surface can prevent the emergence of mould and mould in cement slurry, and can be combined with shower equipment to form a complete cement slurry. -free enclosure.
Durable shower system and receiver. Circle 264. www. inprocorp.
Communication with Plexaire ICM(
Intelligent Condensate Oil Management System
Using on-line intelligent technology, the bacterial sludge in the pipeline is washed every day to prevent clogging.
If not controlled, algae accumulation is inevitable and may lead to bacterial respiratory health. The hands-
Free, automated solutions avoid service calls and keep lines open without using chemicals or manual cleaning methods.
Plexaire 3100 Hydraulic Sand Cleaner. Circle 265. www. plexaire.
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