5 mind-blowing ways that science has done the impossible - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-05
5 mind-blowing ways that science has done the impossible  -  solar traffic light system
We saw so many days. to-
From increasingly powerful smartphones to scientific advances where we are a bit numb.
But somewhere outside, scientists are still looking for things that sound like black magic.
Just as we were talking, some researchers were performing witchcraft like this. . .
Record your fantasies and dreams. That's what we're talking about.
It's not science to have strangers look directly at your dreams and fantasies, it's a magical magic.
Yes, we know that the images you see in your mind are just electrical signals from the brain that someone can capture and decode. But . . .
These are here.
It's a magical other world where we ride a dragon with Shaquille O'Neal and the Dragon speaks in the voice of our old gym instructor and keeps yelling at us for not wearing a cup.
Are you saying that scientists can connect the cable to our brain and watch it happen?
Or take a look at our daydream, where did we win the Super Bowl guitar at halftime?
Very close, yes.
Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a way to do it by manipulating the magic of YouTube.
They showed the subjects a bunch of movie trailers with electrodes and the computer recorded their brain activity.
After that, they provided the computer with millions of YouTube videos, and asked the computer to record the content with the pictures of the millions of cats and people they showed the computer fell off the bike.
The computer then selects the first 100 videos that best match the video that pops up in the subject's brain and creates a composite image of what it thinks it sees.
As a result, although not entirely blue light
Ray quality: Now, before you get crazy about the possibility of actually recording your dreams, we obviously have a way to go.
But this is at least proof of the concept that we can turn mental images into videos.
It's just a complete process of determining that brain activity is equal to "I somehow only wear a guard for a spelling contest.
"Then we can put it directly on YouTube!
It will not stop there;
This process of breaking the way the brain works, and the process of making a machine to explain it, will open up all kinds of strange things.
For example, a system has been successfully invented that allows users to type just by thinking about letters-.
For example, by letting the plant imagine themselves playing tennis, a certain area of the brain is illuminated.
Starting from there, it's just training the patient to associate the letters on the keyboard with certain ideas and to detect this activity using a machine. Boom --
You mind now. typing.
4 slowing down the light to the speed of traffic "the speed of light" is a well-known general constant ---
That means it will never change.
This is the speed limit of the universe.
The speed at which your flashlight beam lights up the serial killer on the other side of the room is about 186,282 miles per second, the fastest speed anything can achieve, according to the laws of physics.
So if the light travels so fast-
If we adjust to 38 miles an hour-
Will the whole universe crash or something?
Even if not, what's more frightening than seeing your car beat your own headlights?
Surprisingly, scientists have succeeded.
It turns out that it is inaccurate to describe the highest speed of the universe as "the speed of light.
Since the light has no quality, it is the only thing that hits that wall fast enough.
This is the speed at which light travels, but light is made up of particles, like anything else, so it can theoretically be slowed down or even frozen.
Wait, are we saying "theoretically?
Because the Danish physicist Hau found that she passed a dense, super-
Cooling block of sodium.
Generally speaking, it's like firing a bullet into the water.
So, what is the possible application of slow light?
But remind us that people who invented lasers also don't know what they can do.
Can they make a fancy flashlight and let the light bleed out like ketchup?
We will buy one.
If we tell you that scientists have found a way to "transfer information", the problem is that you may not be able to get amazing information.
After all, the information is already immediate. -
We use mobile phones every day to "transmit" information around the world, right?
Of course, actually you're just firing radio waves into the air and they have to get from one place to another, which is why there's a delay if you're calling in New York to try and talk to people in Mozambique.
All kinds of things can stop these waves.
So the idea that scientists can deliver information instantly between two places without any information between them is a bit strange, like taking a person from one side of the wall to the other, they did not go through the wall.
Not only is it possible, but scientists have done it.
In 2009, the information is transmitted from one atom to another atom 1 m away.
In 2012, Chinese researchers were unwilling to fall behind. -
There is a distance.
Instant Transmission
We're not saying it's going fast. -we mean .
The "signal" came out immediately.
This phenomenon is called.
This means that the two "connected" atoms can be separated, one miles from the other, (
This is the player)
Whatever you do affects one, it affects the other immediately.
They don't communicate in any way, they're just "wrapped" in space and time by the forces we're pretty sure the human brain can't master.
Even Einstein had a hard time wrapping his head around these things.
If it sounds like something that accidentally creates a black hole, you don't have to worry about it.
Scientists have found another way. . .
Creating a black hole you may have some ideas from a science class or at least some ideas about what a black hole is.
Basically, when a star becomes large enough, it becomes so heavy that it crashes itself, tearing a small hole in reality and starting to do something serious.
From this description, why can't we (and shouldn't)
Make a black hole on Earth
We can't put a pile of materials billions of times larger than the sun into a beaker and shake it until it destroys the solar system.
No matter what science fiction tells you, it's never possible for us to collect so much mass in the same place that its gravity will bend the light.
Oh, except what they did in China in 2009.
You may have noticed that we are not dead.
Chinese scientists have managed to find a way to "mimic" the role of black holes on a smaller scale without all the inconvenience of dragging oversized stars into the lab.
They used a bunch of "Yuan-
It's human material,
Enables matter to bend radiation like light by means other than large amounts of gravity.
We may not be able to give you a schematic that won't melt your brain, but the result is the same as when light passes through a black hole ---
It's sucked into the middle and can't get out.
So far this has only been done with microwave light as it is easier to manage, but scientists want to figure out how to do this with visible spectrum light.
This is also possible in addition to looking super cool.
Artificial black holes can suck a lot of light from smaller areas, not bulky giant mirrors.
Of course, these panels may not make the roof of your house look like a massive, spinning cosmic ruin, but that's how we imagine it anyway.
One of the most basic rules of the universe is that you cannot create matter out of thin air unless you are a magician.
But, as usual, the scientists heard this sentence and simply replied, "anything is possible as long as we have enough lasers.
"So, after the 90 s, scientists used the Stanford Accelerator (
Brother of the Large Hadron Collider)
Do what David Copperfield can only pretend to do. -
Create material out of thin air.
To do this, scientists do the same thing to solve almost all the problems. -
They attacked each other before science happened.
In this case, the energy produced by the experiment "breaks the vacuum" and becomes small pieces of matter and antimatter.
Of course, breaking everything down into something that sounds like living in another world, but the reality is that the vacuum is not as empty as the buzz of energy, so what they're really doing is a reverse explosion. -
Instead of turning mass into energy, they pull a bunch of energy together until the mass comes out.
Of course, you should know that this requires a very powerful laser before you start trying to make a burger with a laser indicator.
They only sent trillions of Watts of laser--
About 16 billion bulbs. -
They still need to add another laser to spray a substance that is equivalent to just a few electrons.
Nevertheless, we can accelerate this process.
So maybe one day we will have a dead star.
The size laser that can collide and make a cup of mashed potatoes.
What is the point of doing so? We told you: .
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