35 diy yard and garden decor craft ideas - solar led garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-30
35 diy yard and garden decor craft ideas  -  solar led garden lights
Do you want a beautiful backyard that looks like it was designed by a landscape artist?
Yes, I will.
However, because of the high price of landscape architects, we have to prepare for the next best thing.
_ Second, is a list of ideas, including great photos and links to tutorials.
These are DIY projects, most of which are simple, but some of them may need some help.
You will find a tutorial on making concrete balls displayed on garden gloves. 1.
Water feed for birds and butterflies. You'll want to do this bird feed/basin project because it's super simple and cheap to make.
Find tutorials on hometalk. 2.
Mosaic garden vases are made of polyvinyl chloride tubes into these beautiful garden vases.
Find a tutorial on ikozas. 3.
Adding a fire pit to your yard or garden is like inviting family and friends.
You, they will enjoy the warmth and beauty of the fire pit.
This gardening glove is very instructive. 4.
Penny's ball I really think the copper Penny's ball looks very attractive and unique.
Make one for your yard or garden, in the direction of family style. 5.
Fanleaf Dragonfly table legs and ceiling fan leaves are combined to make garden dragonfly.
Find a way to make these large dragonflies at Lucy Design. 6.
Garden Bird Piles You can't see them in the picture above, but you'll like the super-long legs of these birds.
This handicraft tutorial can be found on the wood you like to make? 8.
Recycled glass flowers can be sold at dollar stores or in garages to buy inexpensive glassware.
If you add these things to your garden or yard, you will get a lot of praise.
Go to the birds and flowers and ask for directions. 9.
Last year I threw the old chandelier into the dustbin.
Of course I hope I can get it back now so that I can do it for my terrace.
A description of the project can be found at Carrefour. 10.
Petunia plant Box I think Petunia is the easiest flower to grow, they are very good at flowering, color is also beautiful.
I like this pot that makes Petunia look like a big bush.
The architectural plan of the flowerpot was found on her tool belt. 11.
Imagine how beautiful a glass can solar lamp would look at night when you were resting in the backyard.
A tutorial on making these lights can be found in garden therapy. 12.
The little pieces of wood used to make the summer float can be bought in a hobby store or cut by oneself.
The direction of this project can be found in Xiaoyu. 13.
Pixie Stick Fireflies is provided by Ravenview in this tutorial. The poles are made of wood.
I wonder if PCV tubes can be used instead.
Spray paint with hammer paint?
I really like them. I can imagine they are at different heights. 14.
Build a small pool in your backyard or garden to see how easy it is, through a lesson on garden gloves. 15.
When you visit this website, Ms. Bugsbe must click on the translation button.
A tutorial on making cute ladybugs is in Artdrops. 16.
Glass marbles imagine how beautiful stained glass is through the fence in the screen, and then fix your privacy fence in this way.
Garden drama shows us how it was done. 17.
The bee house is a lovely terrace decoration. . . .
Don't worry about being bitten by bees.
For instructions, please go to croissants and lavender. 18.
Garden Treasure is a clever idea to store treasures or notes in secret garden containers.
Follow the instructions found at the Turkish Queen. 19.
The mushroom house inserts these cute little mushrooms between your garden plants.
Enjoy the colors before and after blooming.
Courses to Birds and Flowers. 20.
I like the way this bird bathes, and it's easy to do, when following the instructions given at home.
Another thing, big bowl, I'm going to look in the garage. 21.
Colanda planter, don't you like a garbage disposal project when you see it as a beautiful and useful project?
Go to Creative Savings for information about the process. 22.
You'll want to start saving your caps so that you can make them for your yard.
These very good stumps can be opened by following the instructions of the suburbs. 23.
Painted stone garden markers When you use these stone markers to identify travel, your garden will become a designer.
In my opinion, they are like game pieces. I wonder if they can be used to invent games.
Adventure in the Box shares this tutorial. 24.
These flower sets make the sun as beautiful during the day as at night.
Find ways to make them in textbooks. 25.
Tin can create these tiny creatures to suddenly appear in unexpected places and give your garden an imaginary look.
My well-educated mother shared instructions on how to make them. 26.
Stone Bird House knows that these houses are for decoration, not for raising birds.
You can find instructions for making these stone birdhouses behind the soil. Impressive! 27.
Bead frost lamp is very beautiful and elegant!
By visiting the handicraft of the Amanda site, these grinding sand and bead lamps are made. 28.
Pebble Garden Ball If you've always wanted to try a mosaic project, it's a perfect start.
Do the best for the course. 29.
Caterpillar: Children help caterpillars in this garden. They will be proud of their achievements.
Nelly Bailey has a brief explanation. 30.
Curtain cement flowerpot I like the idea of curtain cement flowerpot.
Go to HydroPro for written instructions or watch the following video 32.
Broken mosaic flower pots in China can be made for your yard or garden by following the instructions of running with your sisters. 33.
Rock barrel Plantation for making this pebble-covered plantation in the 100-year Girls'Course. 34.
Golf ladybugs want these lovely Golf bugs to shout. 35.
Star wind chimes find instructions for making the bell on the released handicraft.
Although I like the versions, I think I want to keep them rusty.
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