21 staging tips for selling your home fast - large solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-27
21 staging tips for selling your home fast  -  large solar garden lights
If you plan to put your house on the market this summer, there is no doubt that you want to sell your house as soon as possible and get your price.
With the skills of 21 designers and upgraders, prepare for success and view the results. --fast. 1.
Increase the attractiveness of containment.
That's what you often hear, for good reason.
Many people who want to visit your family will drive fast. -
First, it is often decided on the spot whether it is worth seeing.
Make sure your home is ready to use these techniques to attract onlookers: 2.
Welcome visitors with an attractive porch.
Even if you only have a small stool, use clean doormats, blooming potted plants, and--
If you are free--
One or two neat porch furniture.
Keep the porch lights on at night to prevent potential buyers from driving by.
Illuminating the sidewalk in front of you with a solar lamp is a good extra touch, especially if you're going to show the house at night. 3.
Clean up your house.
From shiny floors and windows to clean counters and scrubbed cement slurry, every surface should shine.
This is the simplest. (
Well, it may not be easy, but it must be the cheapest.
Help your home move its best foot forward.
You may want to hire professionals to do something very difficult, especially if you have a big house. Don't skimp --
This step is crucial! 4.
Remove all debris.
If you really want your home to be organized, then everything must be over.
This is not easy, and may even require the use of remote storage(
Or a good relative's garage.
It's temporary, but it's worth the trouble.
Clean and clean surfaces, floors, cabinets and closets have more space in the eyes of potential buyers, so remove anything unnecessary or unattractive.
But this is my style! Guess what?
This may not be the style of people who want to buy a house near your home.
So even if you have a great year-
Fashionable appearance goes on and controls it to attract most people.
You can reinvent your personal style in your new home. 5.
Strike a balance between cleanliness and life-in.
Yes, I know I'm just saying to get rid of your clutter. (
If you do, you deserve a lot of praise.
But now it's time to wisely bring back some elements that really appeal to your family.
Think of vases cut flowers, a basket of fresh produce on the kitchen counter, or a bowl of lemons by the sink. 6.
Design your dining table style.
In decorated homes, restaurants are often a blind spot.
Between dinners, a large dining table can look bare and unimpressive, so designing it with tourists can increase attraction in mind.
An oversized arrangement may seem too rigid and formal, so try to put a series of smaller ships at the center of the table. 7.
Take a good look at your floor.
At least all floors should be thoroughly cleaned. (
Steam cleaning carpet)
However, if the shape of wood flooring is not good, it can be considered for surface modification.
If you don't want to invest in floor renovation, the strategic layout of regional carpets may have a long way to go. 8.
Reorganize the furniture.
In the living room, symmetrical layout usually works well.
Take your furniture off the wall and use it in pairs(
Sofas, chairs, lamps)
Create an invitation dialog area. 9.
Choose a delicate neutral color.
Now is not the time to experience "fun"
It looks lime.
But that doesn't mean you need to turn white.
Rich baritone neutrality, such as Mocha and Greg, creates a complex background that makes everything seem more closely integrated. 10.
Create a Gender-
Neutral master bedroom.
Provide a clean custom master bedroom for everyone without personal belongings and sundries.
Clean, neat linen, elegant artwork and blankets folded at the foot of the bed are all right. 11.
Open those closets! Open-
The tenant will peep into your wardrobe.
The closet space can be made-it-or-break-
It's the buyer's selling point, so give full play to your advantages and put the extra things on it. -ho.
Again, it's really important, so even if you need to store some boxes somewhere else, it's worth it.
Aim To set aside 20% to 30% of the open space in each closet to give people a spacious impression. 12. Clean up toys.
Of course, there will be families with children looking at your home, but just because they have children, it doesn't mean that seeing toys everywhere will sell them to this place.
When people are looking for houses, they are imagining a new beginning.
Tell them that it is possible to have a beautiful, organized room for children in this house, and that they may sway. 13.
Use "extra" rooms wisely.
If you've been using an empty bedroom as a garbage dump for scrap furniture and garbage cans, it's time to clean up your behavior.
Every room should have a clear purpose, so consider what potential buyers might like to see here. An office? A guest room?
Another children's room?
Whether you buy cheap furniture, rent it, or borrow it from a friend, making a real room from a garbage house will pay off a lot. 14.
Try a pedestal sink to maximize space.
If you have a small bathroom but a large cabinet-
Style flume, consider changing to a simple base version.
Your bathroom will get bigger immediately. 15.
Use only the perfect personal accent.
Especially in the bathroom, what is important is that everything left for tourists is simple.
If you have a beautiful fluffy white bathrobe, hanging it on a decorative hook on the door may be an attractive accent. --
But if your robe is more of a creamy blue flower, you might want to hide it.
Every detail should be seen in the eyes of the guests. --
Soap bars should be clean and fresh, towels spotless and garbage always emptied. (
You see. . 16.
Encourage people to explore the whole house.
By placing eye-catching objects on top of stairs, corridors or corners, you can arouse curiosity and keep potential buyers interested throughout the family trip.
A piece of art, a colorful wall, a window seat, a bottle of flowers, a chandelier, and even a colorful rug can attract attention. 17.
Show how to use awkward areas.
If you have a room under the stairs, or any corner or alcove in your home, try to find a unique way to show off it.
By establishing a small workstation, a family command center with bulletin boards, or-
On the shelf, your embarrassment becomes another selling point. 18.
Watch out for pet odors.
Really, this may be a big one!
If you have pets, steam all carpets and pay special attention to dust and surface cleaning.
In addition, we must stay a little more. -
Favorite pet toys and dog bones are hidden when traveling. 19.
Create a lifestyle that people are looking for.
Generally speaking, you want to raise the awareness of your neighbors or areas a little.
Is there a house in a quiet, grassy suburb?
Hanging a hammock in the backyard and a bench on the porch is a perfect touch. 20.
It will also be performed outdoors.
Even if your apartment has only a small postmark balcony, you can play with a lovely coffee table and chair, a cheerful tablecloth, or even a small dish of vegetables or a vase of flowers.
When people see this, they don't feel "small", they think, "What a charming place to eat breakfast! ""21.
Think seasonally.
Make sure your garden is beautifully shaped in summer, and any additional features, such as swimming pools or fire pits, are clean and ready to go.
Make use of the comfortable atmosphere in autumn and winter to make a fire in the fireplace and stew hot apple juice on the stove.
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