10 items to spruce up your outdoor space - stainless steel solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-26
10 items to spruce up your outdoor space  -  stainless steel solar garden lights
Here are 10 interesting gifts for newlyweds on your list who may have a large terrace, a small terrace or backyard deck.
Choices include ambient lighting when the sun sets, tableware and tables, and even a comfortable place to relax.
Canyon edge hammock, 83 inches long, mint green is made of cotton.
Anthropology costs $118.
Comloming solar pots harvest energy from the sun and glow electrically in the dark for six to eight hours. (in full sun).
Includes a small solar panel No. 10-
Footrope, so that the pot can be installed in the shade, but still can supply electricity.
They have an on/off switch that either glows in one color or can be set to change color.
Thirty-two inches tall, $119 each. 20-inch-
High school is $109 from gardeners. com.
Audrey Peacock Acrylic Pallet, 15.
Six inches long, nine inches long. 8 inches wide.
Get $290 from Bergdorf goodman. com.
A set of five melamine glasses looks like rainbow-colored textured glass.
The shopping area is 38 dollars.
Coma pine bar table, packed in bags with plastic legs, is very suitable for couples with small terraces, they always want to provide services;
There are two sizes and shapes, one is 27 inches square, 16 inches high, and the other is 27 inches high. -by-15 inches;
It's also ideal for picnics at beaches or parks.
It's $49. 52 for each food item.
White melamine boards keep cold cabbage salad away from hamburgers.
Give them a set of how much they need. $6.
95 cases and barrels.
Comacapulco blue-green recreational chair, made in Mexico, with PVC wire on the steel frame.
Each $279 from CB2.
Comtheuna Grill is a small charcoal barbecue used for picnics or on small terraces or terraces.
It is made of stainless steel and has a leather handle. The store costs $139. MoMA.
Organic citronella suspension coil can prevent mosquito bites when the light is abundant, and also has modern design concept.
A set of two small ones is $30, and a set of two large ones is $36 from food 52.
Conlatan Solar Lamp, One Hand-
The braided branch ball has a low one. -
When the sun sets, the energetic light inside will shine.
Thirty dollars came from non-Mongolia.
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