After-sales detection method of solar LED street lamp failure

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-16
After-sales detection method of solar LED street lamp failure
As for the malfunction of solar led street light products, in fact, the master can see it at a glance. As long as the LED light source reaches the time and can not work, it means that this set of solar led street lights is malfunctioning. In fact, as a purchaser, the products used are generally government projects or fund-raising purchases, which are of great benefit to rural users. In fact, every villager has an obligation or responsibility to monitor its use. If problems are found, Contact the professional maintenance company as soon as possible. For the problem of solar street lamp failure, we generally need to indecently check the status of its controller indicator. The indicator lights of the controller are divided into: charging indicator light, discharging indicator light, and two-color working indicator light (green represents normal battery voltage, yellow represents battery undervoltage, and red represents power loss); it can be judged as LED solar street light according to the indicator light. Which component is damaged. Generally, if the solar led street light is malfunctioning, as a manufacturer that sells solar street lights that consumers first think of, we, as a manufacturer, will carry out after-sales as soon as possible. The after-sales maintenance of solar led street lights is the most important link in the use, and it is also an important proof of the strength of a manufacturer, and also the high degree of integrity of a person. We cannot look at the immediate benefits and lose a true partner.
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